Social Change Program Improves Livelihood in Karamoja

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces geared agricultural promotion program Operation Wealth Creation is having its branches extended to Higher Institutions of learning, viagra order Chimp corps report.

The OWC has started to actively support agricultural courses in a number of universities in the country.

The revelation was made by Maj Sam Murari, what is ed the OWC Coordinator for Mbarara district on Wednesday while launching the program at Bishop Stuart University in the Municipality.

Maj Sam Murari addressing the students
Maj Sam Murari addressing the students

Maj Murari said that this is being done to groom the youths to involve themselves in agriculture, the backbone of the country’s economy.

BSU’s vice chancellor Mauda Kamatenesi revealed at the function that the university has already started a course in nursery bed management, a passion fruit farm project, rabbit raring among others.

Maj Sam Murari with BSU Vice Chancelor Mauda Kamatenesi
Maj Sam Murari with BSU Vice Chancelor Mauda Kamatenesi

With OWC’s support coming on board, Maj Murari called upon the university to start up a model farm that could help both the students and farmers from outside.

“Western Uganda has come to be known as the country’s food basket; we want to make this institution the engine of it all,” said the officer.

Maj. Sam further urged the students to actively popularize OWC to help in the fight against poverty, without necessarily politicizing it.

BSU students were urged to popularize the Operation Wealth Creation program
BSU students were urged to popularize the Operation Wealth Creation program

“I don’t want to hear that so and so is a catholic, a pagan, protestant or Muslim; OWC benefits all Ugandans regardless of race or tribe or political affiliation,” he said

At the function where students were introduced to the slogan Hands to the ground, not to the mouth, Maj. Sam gave the university 400 mango seedlings, 10000 eucalyptus and pine trees

He promised to provide 1000 Robusta coffee seedlings, a heifer, 5goats, piglets, farm tractor, pasture plants, chicks and rabbits to fully start up a live stock farm at Bishop Stuart University.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Uganda, sales with funding from DANIDA through ADRA Denmark is implementing Action for Social Change (ASC) Program in Karamoja region, link North Eastern Uganda.

The Action for Social Change program is building capacity of local women, visit youth and former warriors organized in over 100 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to participate and create positive change in their communities.

Through the ASC program, targeted Community Based Organizations have mobilized and identified their issues of concerns, used advocacy to engage duty bearers to respond to the issues of peaceful co-existence, and improved social service delivery.

Capacity building in form of trainings, mentoring and coaching is helping the community organizations to become better organized and manage their resources in an organized manner.

According to ADRA Uganda, by utilizing economic empowerment skills from the program, there is notable livelihood improvement among targeted community members.

“For example now CBO members have accessed government funding and are active members of Village Saving and Loan Associations,” ADRA revealed.

In a region notoriously affected by hunger, project beneficiary groups are operating small businesses while others are participating in market-oriented agriculture.

At the household level, community members proudly report that they can now afford a hot meal a day despite the wide spread food scarcity experienced in the region.

Others are able to keep their children in school by providing them with the required scholastic materials.

Through go back to school campaigns done by school club members in their school catchment areas using theatre for development, there is increased enrolment, retention and completion of school both for boys and girls.

The program is also facilitating targeted CBOs to organize cross boarder peace meetings between the warring communities of the Dodoth of Kaboong, Topoth of South Sudan and Turkana of Kenya with support from the local government and the UPDF thus contributing to the prevailing peace in the region.

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