Small Scale Farmers Submit Proposals On NDP III to NPA

As Government nears the completion of drafting National Development Plan III (NDP III), small scale farmers from 54 districts have submitted their proposals to National Planning Authority (NPA) to be included in new plan.

The current NDP II will expire in June 2020 and this means that NDP III should be in place by May 2020.

The National Development Plan is a guide for the nation in delivering the aspirations articulated in Uganda’s Vision 2040 which envisions to lead Uganda from a peasant to a more transformed, modern and prosperous country by the year 2040.

In a workshop organized by Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) Uganda in partnership with Oxfam Uganda, 15 farmer leaders presented the proposals of 48,210 small scale farmers from 54 districts to officials from National Planning Authority (NPA).

The proposed interventions focused on; the Agro Industrialisation and climate change, natural resources, environment and water management.

While presenting the proposals to NPA officials, Ms Christine Nabwami, the ESAFF chairperson in Mubende district said in order to achieve the above objectives, interventions such as empowering the private sector to supply mechanisation demanded by small scale farmers through commercial supply chains, provision of user friendly and cost effective technologies to farmers, creation of an Emergency Fund for management of pest and disease outbreak should be realized.

Other proposed interventions included strengthening and promoting Agriculture insurance schemes, support private Investments towards production of organic fertilizers and chemicals, set up of regional centres for Uganda National Meteorology Authority (UNMA) to bring Meteorology services closer to the communities.

“Support the revamping and operationalization of existing storage and processing infrastructure mostly in northern region, improve the transportation and logistics infrastructure for priority commodities like refrigerated trucks and cold rooms, ensure access to favorable investment finance and subsidies for Ugandans to be able to access agro processing technology, reduce taxes on agro processing machineries/ technology,” she said.


Mr Hakim Baliraine, the ESAFF chairperson in Mayuge district while making a presentation on need to increase mobilization, provision and utilization of Agricultural finance, he called for finalisation and implementation of Agricultural Finance policy.

“Develop and implement an Agriculture Insurance Policy, review tax levies and other incentives in agricultural insurance products to encourage uptake by farmers, increase the pool of funds available for Agricultural lending, revise the Agricultural Credit Facility to fund all the levels of Agriculture value chains, provide incentives to financial institutions to increase Agricultural lending, facilitate formation of farmers’ groups and cooperatives for savings mobilisation and establish an Agricultural commodity price stabilisation fund for commodities that are vulnerable to high price fluctuations,” said Baliraine.

Ms Margret Masudio, the ESAFF chairperson in Adjumani district while making a presentation of proposed interventions on climate change, natural resources, environment and water management called for development of wetland reclaiming Program for wetlands that have been invaded and integration of ICT in strengthening conservation, restoration of forests and wetlands.

“Establish an autonomous climate change fund with an independent governance structure and systems and be provided with clear sources of funding, increase funding for promoting non consumptive uses of the natural resources, strengthen and support local governments to develop and implement by laws that protect survival of trees planted either on public or private land and strengthen local governments to monitor and truck the seedlings distributed and planted.”

Responding to the above presentations, Dr Israel Mugezi, the Coordinator trainer – Agriculture in the National Planning Authority (NPA) told the farmers that their proposals had been taken and would be presented to the Authority.

The workshop was organized under the theme “amplifying the voices of small scale farmers in NDP III.”

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