Small Business Owners Hurt Most by Transport Ban

The ban on public means of transport by President Museveni in an effort to contain the spread of COVID 19 pandemic has strongly hit small scale traders.

These are the kind that wake up every morning to head to large markets to purchase goods especially agricultural produce for sell at their selling points.

Many who cannot afford to hire bodabodas to transport their goods have resorted to carrying their products on head despite long distances between markets and their selling points.

Jennifer Tumukunde who stays in Mutungo near Luzira has been using a taxi every morning to head to Nakawa market, purchase agricultural products for sell to her customers at her selling point near her home.

Small scale traders have had to carry their goods on foot from Nakawa

This morning she had to walk from home to Nakawa market and back with her produce.

We met Tumukunde together with fellow women at Mbuya Army Barracks carrying goods from Nakawa market heading home.

She expressed the suffering experienced on the first day of the public transport ban.

“We came from Mutungo, headed to Nakawa to look for food products for sell and we are now on our way back. That is how we are suffering,” she said.


Tumukunde however, expressed support for the ban saying it the right way to stem the spread of Coronavirus in Uganda.

Meanwhile, her colleague Jessica Kabatooro had a different take.

She said Government should look out for other alternatives to contain the spread.

“I am very tired. I have no words to say. We can protect ourselves from catching the virus using other means. The ban on public transport should be lifted,” she said.

The presidential order has however not only affected petty traders but also ordinary people who wake up to the markets to buy food at cheaper prices.

The ban which was issued by the President on Wednesday will last for 14 days.

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