‘Slay Pastor’ Elvis Mbonye’s Opulence Stuns Ugandans

Kampala-based Pastor Elvis Mbonye’s penchant for grandeur has kicked up dust, with many describing him as a false prophet.

Uganda pastors have previously been accused of using powerful speeches to defraud their flock.

Others have been in the eye of the storm for preying on female followers.

In the hot seat is the showy Pastor Mbonye.

Photos of the flamboyant Pastor being chauffeured in a sleek Range Rover brand sport car and also seated in a gold-coated chair have been circulating on social media for the last two days.

Mbonye is delivered at the prayer venue in a sleek range Rover Sport car
Mbonye is delivered at the prayer venue in a sleek range Rover Sport car

He tactfully invests in stunning photography to attract crowds.

Mbonye, now known as ‘slay pastor,’ will always pause in the hallway outside sprawling auditoriums for pictures.

A full band and robed gospel choir are always onstage belting out classics while cameras stream images to large screens and latecomers fill up the bleachers in the back.


Ugandans this weekend expressed their reservations about the man of God, who is always surrounded by women.

Nuwamanya Mategyero, a social critic, expressed shock that man is submitting before fellow man.

“When Christ came, He came in submission to His father. When Ministers are called, they come in submission to the one who called them and to the preaching of Good News to the poor,” said Nuwamanya.

A man appears to be worshiping Mbonye
A man appears to be worshiping Mbonye

“But that has changed. A mere man is demanding that the people he is pastoring submit to him and they have gladly done that without question. How tragic! How blind are we to follow the antichrist to destruction?” he wondered.

Wafula Oguttu, an elderly statesman, could not hide his disgust, saying Mbonye thrives on poor people’s sweat: “Collecting from the poor to live in criminal opulence. Shame.”

Winifred Nakandi said Ugandans easily fall prey to men of God.

“Lately I’m growing a liking for these prophets; they know how to keep in business. These gullible Ugandans need such businessmen,” she noted on social media.

“You no longer need to be a conman or fraudster in Uganda, simply start a Church and people will give you money.”

However, Peter Nyanzi, a liberal journalist, has a different perspective of Mbonye’s flamboyance.

“Freedom of religion is a constitutional human right and you should respect other people’s religious beliefs as long as they’re not breaking any laws,” he argued.

Mbonye claims to sometimes see visions that predict future events, and has been called both a heretic and false prophet by critics.

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