Situation in Ethiopia is Under Control – Ambassador

The Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Alemtsehay Meseret, has asked the international community to disregard exaggerated reports from international media  indicating that the security situation in their country is out of control

 Addressing journalists on Saturday at the Ethiopian Embassy in Kampala, Meseret said her country has one of the strongest Armies on the African continent and therefore capable to protect its citizens without needing mediation from external parties.
“This isn’t a civil conflict. It is a clique of people within TPLF whose actions (holding separate elections) are unconstitutional. By attacking our security forces on November 4, they crossed a red line and TPLF undermined our national pride and sovereignty,” she said.
Meseret says the previous regime is trying to use its influence to discredit the country’s achievement in promoting peace through discribing it as unstable and insecure especially after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the 2019 Noble peace Award.
“TPLF clique is unhappy of reforms as the clique lost unfair benefits they used to get unlawfully. For the past two years and half , TPLF fueled clashes along ethnic and religious lines in many parts of the country in order to derail our Democracy and make the country appear ungovernable.”
Regarding the recent visit by the  Ethiopian Deputy  Prime Minister HE Demeke Mekonen’s  to Uganda, the ambassador clarified that thiw was part of the High level meetings with Uganda as a neighboring country (Nile basin and Great Lakes region) to explain the ongoing enforcement operation in Tigray , but not seeking for mediation as it was being alleged
“The discussion with HE President Museveni went on very well and an understanding was reached on the situation.”
According to Ethiopian prime minster via a press statement released over the weekend ,through their national army they have been able liberate Digrat town from TPLF militia and they are doing whatever is possible via legal means to ensure citizens are protected together with their property.
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