Sironko District Incumbent Woman MP Opts for ‘Independent Ticket’ after losing NRM Primaries

The Woman Member of Parliament representing Sironko District, Florence Nambozo Mayoga has declared that she will contest on an independent ticket in the 2021 general elections, after losing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party primaries to Aisha Mafabi Nabulo.

According to the results that were declared by Wilson Wambaka, the Sironko District NRM Registrar, Nabulo who is the daughter of the Sironko District NRM Chairperson, Suleiman Mafabi Lumolo, garnered 37,644 votes beating her four competitors including Nambozo.

In the race, Nambozo scored 30,649 voteswhile other candidates including; Hilda Khan Nadunga got 6,642 votes, Aisha Nagudi scored 611 votes and Rosemary Namono got 194 votes.

In a press statement released on Sunday September 6, 2020, Nambozo said that the polls were not free and fair.

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the people of Sironko District that had confidence in electing me in the just concluded elections. However, I want to reaffirm to you my people that we have rejected the results of the party elections because the polls were outrightly rigged. It was not free and fair,” she said.

Nambozo accused Lumolo, the NRM Chairperson for allegedly directly aiding her daughter in rigging the election.

“Lumolo deployed his military body guards to brutalize my supporters and agents in different polling stations. For example, on the voting day, most of my agents were brutally changed,” she added.

She added that her team intercepted a number of declaration forms that had given Mafabi an early lead before the polls were even conducted.

“We intercepted a number of fully signed Declaration Forms in favor of the Chairman’s daughter as early as 9:00am, before the polls had even been conducted,” she stated.

The declaration form of final results

Polls in Bugisu sub-region were marred with violence which led to referral of some final results declaration to the NRM headquarters.

On the post of Mbale City Woman MP, the competition between Mrs Lydia Wanyoto, the National Chairperson of the NRM Women’s League and the current Woman MP of Mbale District confused the District Registrar who referred the final results declaration to NRM headquarters in Kampala.

In Northern Division Mbale City, the former RDC of Mbale, Umar Nangoli was behind bars by press time after getting involved in a fight following alleges vote rigging.

Nangoli, who expected to be declared the winner, was surprised when his counterpart Ahmed Wafuba was declared under unclear circumstances.

Wafuba got 8,349 votes beating his four counterparts; Nangoli who got 8,318 votes, Peter Magomu Mashate with 6,113 votes, Walimbwa Wagidoso 6,005 votes and Mark Wambede who got 452 votes.

Yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni who is also the National Chairman of NRM, said that the party was going to initiate investigations in any kind of vote rigging, bribery and intimidation that were registered in the NRM primaries polls.

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