Singers Sheebah, Bebe Cool Applaud Government for Facilitating Hosting of MAMAs

Singer Sheebah Karungi has hailed the government of Uganda under the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities for fully sponsoring the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) which will be happening in Uganda for the first time.

Last held in 2016, the awards aimed at celebrating and recognizing African music, talent, and culture among others and will be happening in February 20, 2021, are anticipated to come with the ‘A’ class sound and exciting experience, giving the audience the best feel ever.

The MAMAS will be held virtually in respect to the SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health.

Speaking during the awards launch held Wednesday 25 at Mestil hotel, Sheebah said, “As an artist, your biggest dream is to be noticed by the world and as a Ugandan artist, I am delighted to be part of MAMAs.”

Sheebah advised fellow Ugandan artists to keep pushing and while doing their best so as to be noticed and be able to participate in different music awards such as the prestigious MAMAs.

“The MAMAs give us an opportunity to make a difference in the music industry and if we as Ugandan artists and Africa as a whole have to be recognized worldwide, we need a platform to take us even higher. The MAMAs are going to promote our region to the world,” Sheebah said.

The ‘Bera nange’ songstress showed her excitement and expressed a vote of thanks to the Ugandan government having taken such a huge step to bring down the MAMAs to Uganda.

“I am really moved by the government’s drastic move to take such a decision of bringing the most respected and honored awards in Africa and the World. As Ugandan artists, we do thank you for thinking about us, for we are so hungry to be seen, noticed and heard and such an opportunity is very incredible,” she said.


For the awards return in 2021, the Uganda partnership will lead to the inclusion of the country’s capital in the seventh MAMA’s name: ‘MTV Africa Music Awards Kampala 2021.’

Bebe Cool applauded the Tourism Ministry and MAMAs team for deciding to host them in Uganda for the very first time which, to him, will go down in the history of Uganda.

“It’s been a hard journey for the music industry in East Africa and Uganda in particular and for us to be in a level of hosting the MAMAs shouldn’t be taken lightly, but a huge thing. I am so happy that the MAMAs are in Uganda and that is a chance for our music to be rated and shed a light on how music should be perceived,” he said.

Bebe Cool added that, “The Awards will help encourage young people, mostly upcoming artists to analyse how music should be taken and hence advocate for high quality production.”

The organizers also announced that the show will air across the African continent on the MTV Base and MTV networks, featuring exclusive performances from African and international artists and the show’s signature cross-genre and cross-border collaborations.

It will also air as a one-hour MAMA-themed MTV World Stage on MTV and BET international channels across several other continents.

The event is anticipated to feature 20 award categories including Best Song, Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Male, and the MAMA Generation Change Award.

This year will see new honors including the Alone Together Best Lockdown Performance, Best Fan Base, and Personality of the Year, which will recognize outstanding personalities that have been at the forefront of culture on the continent during the year and include non-music stars from the worlds of sports, celebrity, and industry.

Nominees will be announced in December, 2020.


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