Singers Maro,Feffe Bussi Team up For ‘Anjagala Remix’

The self-proclaimed RnB Kyabazinga Magada Ronald well known by his stage name Maro has teamed up with popular rapper Feffe Bussi in remixing the ‘Anjagala’ track.

Produced by Zuli Tums at Volume Up Records, the song starts with Feffe Bussi’s signature raps as he explains reasons as to why he is loved by a Girl he fell in for.


Unlike the original version where he featured former NTV login presenter Robin Kisti, the exquisite ‘Anjagala remix’ Music video, features renowned city model Sophie Amayo.

The Original Anjagala Music Video featured Robin Kisti

The track is the RnB ‘Kyabasinga’s’ new song, off his ’89 Good decisions’ album that was released in January 17, 2019.


Though both songs were directed by Bugginz, one can notice a very big difference in them when it comes to the Videos.



The original version was shot in Pennsylvania and Atlanta in the US by Juliette Angotti, whereas the remix was shot here in Uganda at Kalyabakyaala, along Munyonyo-Entebbe by pass.


‘Anjagala’ sound track seems to have surpassed all other RnB hits that already existed in the region before as it has gained airplay and taken over Radio and TV airwaves.


When contacted by ChimpReports on his move to remix ‘Anjagala’ when even the original version is doing well,Maro was quick to say that he needed the song to be everywhere.


“The song was doing well and it has been since 6 months now, I agree but it was only in the real music listeners and I needed it to be everywhere with my concert coming in 5 months, I needed to add a bit of a push for the song to reach more people faster than it was.”


The singer added, “Feffe is my friend and the manager too, we have done a lot of projects together that didn’t come out or weren’t released but I always love how he is good with words in every topic, to me this love song was meant for him to remix as you can hear.”

When you listen and watch the remix, then you can be sure that it will slowly take over the original version of the song.


The singer is gearing up for his concert which is scheduled for February 14, 2020.




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