Singers Feffe Busssi, Spice Diana Light Up Last Day Of ‘Fused Eco Fest Carnival’

It was a classic case of saving the best for last as the Fused Eco Fest carnival climaxed on Sunday.

From the artistes’ line-up, the ambiance to the fireworks, all we can say is that everything was perfectly right on point, forget the ordinary usual shows that partiers have less to talk about.

This was a very satisfying event that saw undoubtedly incredible acts first from comedy acts Maulana ans Reign and Senga Nantume who cracked a series of rib-breaking jokes which revolved around the way Ugandan artists behave, how some relationships hardly last a month among others.

Pallaso entertaining revelers

Carol Kasita, Spice Diana, Feffe Bussi and Pallaso were among the hot-shots that put on a show befitting of the event.

Spice Diana and Feffe Bussi were the crowd’s favorites, judging from the way they danced and sang along to the star’s different lyrics from word to word, never missing any.

They jumped into the already excited revelers that eagerly bellowed out parts of the songs.

Spice Diana is joined by fans on stage.

Spice Diana’s dance moves caught everyone’s attention. Feffe Bussi’s ability to own and rule the microphone while doing nothing short of free-style, as well, moved the partiers.

After all the performances and what one would call ‘enough was enough,’ there came in another party as it went even a lot higher with the Spa’s monthly Amazon Bonfire.



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