Singers Cindy,Sheebah Bury Hatchet

Sheebah Karungi has sent fans into frenzy after posting a video on her social media pages supporting Cinderella Sanyu ‘s new song.


The two singers have been bickering over the music battle since November last year; Cindy saying that she is vocally superior while Sheebah saying she is materialistically superior.


The ‘Silwana’ hitmaker on Sunday August 5, took to her Facebook page and posted a video of herself dancing and singing to Cindy’s latest ‘Boom Party’ single.


“This song is lit,” she captioned the adorable video.



Unsurprisingly her gesture has been met with a lot of surprise from both Cindy and fans who applauded her for rising above negativity.


Reacting to the video via her social media, Cindy said she was shocked and extremely grateful.


“I am not even gonna pretend like this didn’t shock me. I am definitely mind blown but mostly I am glad you like it. Thanks, Sheebah ‘richer this year’ for showing support for my new single Boom Party.” Cindy commented.


Meanwhile, we bring you what some of the fans say;


A one Love Mona Black said that, “Can someone explain as to why I would not love this human being with a pretty soul? Now this right here is humanity, love u always.”


Phil Stanvick commented that “I’m trying to comprehend; it will be nice and clearer when the King also gives feedback. Let me wait for that.”


Robert Sebina, “It’s not hard to see why Sheebah is at the top! You try to beef her, she shows you love instead and then you’re left confused.


There’s space for everyone to be a queen, king, or whatever else you one may want to call themselves…in their own queendom or kingdom or whatever else one may want to call it,” said Sebina.


Emilly Kamuhanda said, “Promise now this is beautiful, Women have to lift each other.
Even Cindy always sings your song ‘Beera Nange’ during her live band sessions.”


Cindy and Sheebah have been embroiled in months of bitter fights over their singing careers and assets. It remains unclear if the two singers sat down and aired out their differences.

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