Singers A Pass, Ykee Benda Roast Each Other On Twitter

A celebrity war has erupted on Twitter between Ugandan singers A Pass and Ykee Benda.

This was sparked after A Pass took to the micro blogging site to say that he can never have a flopped concert because he is too big an artiste and has many haters who will join his fans at the concert just to see how it goes down for him.

“If I make a concert, it can’t flop… that’s impossible I am too big for flops and I have so many haters who want to see me fail so they will come as well and join my huge fan base and enjoy the show, I won’t be singing for chairs. This i promise you. Save my tweet.” A Pass tweeted.

Ykee Benda on the other side after seeing the tweet which he believes was aimed at rapper Fik Fameica whose recently ‘My Journey’ concert did not get a massive attendance, asked the ‘Guli Wano’ hitmaker to show empathy towards Fik Fameica instead of trying to downplay his hustle.

“This is the part about you bro that is wrong…What Fik needs is your support at this moment..Not you trying down play his hustle in disguise of praising yours! Not cool!!…..Karma is a b***h remember that #OneLove,” Ykee posted.

A Pass replied to Ykee’s tweet saying he was not talking about Fik Fameica and was simply replying to critics who have told him that his concert will flop if he holds one.

A Pass went on to brand Ykee as ‘the opposite of clever’ when the singer accused him of having a penchant for riding off other people’s shine.

That only escalated into a heated exchange of words with Ykee calling A Pass ‘tits’ and A Pass calling him an ‘old fridge.’


“I was responding to chaps who said my show will flop if i make 1. But becoz you love to act like the anointed spiritual leader of UG who knows all you came at me. Next time try and keep certain things to yourself but you can’t keep things to yourself you are like an old fridge.” A Pass tweeted.

Ykee Benda in retaliation said it was wrong of Apass to criticize Fameica, before calling him ‘Tits.’

“My associate you like riding off others shine….this time I repeat it was wrong…you dint see me come at you when u held your sauce pans and forks….reality check!! That’s al but I can still be your anointed spiritual leader if that’s what you need to calm your tits.” Ykee retaliated.


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