Singer Weasel Battling Mowzey Radio’s Relatives over Property

Singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has not yet found peace ever since his singing partner Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio passed on earlier this year.

Besides fighting to prove to people that he can have a solo music career and taking the pressure of being under the Bryan White foundation, Weasel is also fighting a war with the late’s family.

A close source disclosed that Radio’s brother, Frank Sekibogo, is always at Radio’s home and whenever he leaves he always steals something.

It should be remembered that the late and Weasel were staying together therefore Frank’s tendencies to carry things from the house inconveniences Weasel.

“Each day Frank sleeps at Radio’s house he takes something for example appliances or any other thing,” an insider disclosed.

Frank is not the only person from the deceased’s family Weasel is battling with. The whole family is putting him on pressure to rent the house Radio used to stay in.

“Radio’s family is struggling financially so they are looking for all ways to earn a living from his property that he left,” disclosed a source.

However the ‘good over bad’ singer is adamant to this suggestion because he cannot be surrounded with tenants, people he does not know.

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