Singer Spice Diana Threatens to Sue Spark TV  

Controversial singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajara has threatened to drag NTV sister station Spark TV to court for trying to dent her public her image.

The singer revealed this today morning via a live Facebook post after she was attacked by Live Wire presenters Precious Remmie and Gabie Ntaate on Spark TV last evening.

The singer felt offended when the two TV presenters were criticizing her birthday celebrations that took place in Dubai over the weekend.

Gabie and Remmie claimed Spice Diana exhibited ‘Malo’-rural urban excitement.

Precious Remmie of SPark TV

It was during the live show that the presenters accused the singer of dating her manager before calling her a villager.

“She jumped on the hotel bed and yet she can’t afford paying for it when it gets broken,” said Remmie before playing an Instagram video of the singer jumping on bed.

Spice Diana who is currently in Dubai to celebrate her 24th birthday in live video said she was tired on the way the new presenters talked about her and her image saying that they are only interested in the negative aspects of her life.

“Life is like a tomato, we are all passing through. Stop giving false information to our fans. Bring out the truth and when it has occurred and always try to inquire. We are here to learn and get advised, if you don’t contribute on someone’s living don’t put them down because you have no right. Stop bringing out the negative,” Spice Diana says.

Gabie Ntaate

Dressed in an orange and blue body hugging short dress, the ‘Twebereremu’ singer went on to remind the bubbly presenters that she also has a family to report to when it comes to negative publicity.

“We also have families to get accountable to because my family sent me the video asking me what is going on. I have been working with Spark TV without pay because we need each other. Don’t break my heart because I have feelings too.”

Spice Diana then threatened to seek legal action if the two don’t let her enjoy her 24 years in peace.

“Know your limits, I have a bad temper, I would have abused so hard but you are lucky I am too peaceful. Stop asking me to be like other musicians because this is who I am, I won’t be like any other person I am Spice Diana and I am not changing so let me be. I have a right to sue anyone if it goes any further. If I can afford to pay for my Malo then let me be,” she added with a rather serious face.

Spice Diana is not happy with Spark TV

It should be noted that Remmie and Gabby joined Spark TV to replace Zahara Totto and Annatalia Oze who left the Kampala Serena hotel based television station to join Kamwokya based NBS TV.

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