Singer Jackie Chandiru Gives life to Christ

The former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru turned to God for salvation and accepted God as Her savior at pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre cathedral in Rubaga during the 77 Days of Glory.

This comes after the ‘Agassi’ song maker faced drug addiction problems that nearly ended her life.

The black beauty whom the Uganda music industry almost lost to drug abuse decided that enough was enough so she gave her life to Christ.

“Thank God for giving me a second chance at life, I can’t believe am still alive,” Chandiru exclaimed on the pulpit at Miracle Center Cathedral.

When Pastor Kayanja asked the singer who currently looks better and at peace than in the past what she intends to use this second chance for, She smiled and assured him that she is thankful to God and will always tell everyone that Christ lives.

“Given what has been happening in my life, I sometimes can’t believe that I am standing here. I promise to tell everyone that God is there, and I am also still alive because of him, Whatever chance I have I will thank God,” She replied to Kayanja.

Chandiru was requested to bless the congregation with a song and shockingly she still had her beautiful striking voice.

“You can come and sing on this pulpit, it is here for you; there is a reason why God gave you this second chance, so use it,” Kayanja encouraged her.


Chandiru fell off the wagon a few years back after she found out that her white ‘husband’ was already married to a Sudanese model and ever since then, She resorted to drugs that almost claimed her life.

She joins the long list of celebrities like comedian Kapele, Qute Kaye, Papa Cidy,Desire luzinda among others  who decided to accept God as their personal savior during the past editions of 77 days of glory.

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