Singer Jaamie Woods New Song ‘Tourist’ Topping Ugandan Music Charts

Singer Jaamie Woods, whose song titled “tourist” is dominating airwaves, is determined to continue rising as a young star.

Jaamie Woods is a multi-talented versatile Ugandan artiste who believes music will take him places and from the look of things, he is not giving up easily before achieving his dreams of being on the top of his game.

Full of life, his music carries a lot of good vibes and always appealing to music lovers.

He is a talented singer and a vocalist. All you can expect from him is an amazing music product just like his latest single ‘tourist’ track which creates ‘I want to listen’ to it kind of feeling to the music lovers.

Several music analysts that we have seem to all agree that today’s music industry in Uganda is heavily focused on songs like ‘tourist’ that will become hits and not typically on the content of the song.

Jaamie Woods says his music is all about good vibes and Ugandans should get ready for more.

“Am glad Uganda loves my new song. I will be releasing the video soon and more music as well,” he said.

Jaamie Woods is definitely an artist to keep an eye out or ear open for as he continues on his musical journey.




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