Singer Chozen Blood Narrates Beating by Ex-Manager Jeff Kiwa

It has been a few weeks since singer Patrice Musasizi alias Chozen Blood quit Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep and found new management.

Yesterday ChimpLyf reported that Jeff Kiwa assaulted Chozen at Sky Lounge on Sunday evening.

In an exclusive interview, Chozen has confirmed to ChimpLyf that the allegations were true narrating the whole incident.

“He came to my table last time at Sky after they played my new song ‘Lumya’, he grabbed me and pushed me down then security intervened,” the singer disclosed.

Chozen Blood nursing wounds after Jeff Kiwa beat him up

When asked why he thinks his former manager would do such a thing to him, Chozen simply exclaimed, “I cannot tell.”

Even though the singer came out and cleared the air that there was no bad blood with his former manager, recent events clearly confirm that no one leaves Kiwa and stays in peace.

Word is that the ‘Lumya’ singer quit TNS because management was focusing more on singer Sheebah Karungi.

Chozen Blood with Sheebah and Roden Y of TNS before he left the group

Chozen Blood has since gotten another manager. “I got a new and better manager, Arafat, who also manages Fefe Busi,” he disclosed to ChimpLyf a day after quitting TN.

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