Singer Bruno K Signs Deal with Black Market Records

Last Week, singer real name Bruno Kiggundu, well known as Bruno K disclosed to the world that he had signed to Black Market Records, one of the popular music labels based in the US.

Bruno K joins other Ugandan artists signed to the label including Daddy Andre, Ava Peace, K-van, Boondocks, and Rabadaba among others.

The singer is no news in the Ugandan music industry, he is a great songwriter, has great vocals, and is very good at playing the guitar which most artistes in Uganda can’t do.

Furthermore, Bruno K has, in the recent past, been rumored to be having a love affair with NTV presenter, Faridah Nakazibwe, after releasing a song titled ‘Faridah’ whose video, in which she appears, stirred up even more controversy.

Bruno has since explained the situation as something that people just created out of nowhere and so he used it to his advantage after meeting Faridah as a guest at her show.

“I had even never met her but when rumors intensified, luckily she hosted me at the show and we talked at length. We have become good friends since then and she has helped me with a number of things as regards decision making on a couple of issues,” said Bruno during an interview with UBC’s Calvin the Entertainer.

After securing the deal, Bruno K shared on his Twitter saying, “I signed to Black Market Records Based in USA Sacramento. A lot of good things are going to come out of this.”


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