Simple Exercises to Manage Weight Gain

Being overweight means that your body is heavier than your bones therefore not every exercises is fit for your body as some will cause you injuries. Here are some of the most effective exercises for overweight people.


These are vigorous exercises that are meant to increase cardiovascular efficiency. Peter Mubiru, an instructor notes that these can best be done under the guidance of a skilled physical instructor. They involves use of music to which he says gives the people morale to push on.

“I love using Lingala music while instructing because it triggers the body to act fast,” he says adding that the use of music helps people do many exercises without getting tired as it is easy and fun.

Aerobic exercises help increase blood circulation, burn fat, improves sleep, increases ones energy, kills stress among other things. Different instructors give the following aerobic exercises as the best.


Walking is the easiest yet the most effective form of exercising. Put your body to a walking test every morning and evening. You can choose to walk back home after work, walk to a taxi or leave your car at a reasonable distance and walk there every evening.

Ivan kiwanuka, an instructor adds that walking is a cardio exercise that burns fats through sweating.


“You don’t need to do it vigorously as every step taken is very important towards weight loss and the body’s health. Walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes or more a day.”

Insanity workout

Betty Mbabazi a nurse notes that insanity workout helped her get back to shape really fast. She says you can do this at the comfort of your home and without any equipment. It’s a general body work out which involves vigorous movement of all body parts.

“I down loaded a video on U Tube and would follow the different steps, it’s a 60 days workout and each day had a different exercise,” she says adding that some of the exercises include, stationery running, vigorous push-ups among others, it’s done in small intervals with longer resting sessions.


This involves use of materials like gloves for protecting your hands from injury and a punching bag. Boxing makes the body muscles firm and also helps in the excretion of dirt from the body through sweating. Since it heats up the body, it burns the unnecessary fat in the hands, stomach and other body parts.

“Avoid using hard punching bags because they could cause pain or injuries to your hands since the flesh is heavier than the bones, boxing can be done twice a day and under instruction of a skilled instructor at least for the first days,” Kiwanuka adds.

Spinning/ cycling

Cycling is great exercise that will strengthen your bones and muscles. This should be done gently to avoid injuries. Onekalit notes that this involves using a stationary to make a few spins, these help your leg and hand muscles get firm as well as burn fats. Alternatively, you could ride a bicycle and still get the desired results.


Swimming is a cardio exercise that does not only help you cut weight but also maintains your size. It also helps in the blood and oxygen supply to the body. Swimming should be done under guidance especially for learners. Kiwanuka notes that people with disease like asthma should consult medical personnel to know whether it’s good for their health.


Stretching is a great body exercise that will prepare your body muscles for any kind of activity, be it work, work out or sleep. You can do stretches from wherever you are; for example you can stretch on your desk at work, when you stand to do something among others.

You can stretch when going to bed or in the morning within your bed room vicinity. Stretch your legs, arms, and the whole body, this helps to strengthen ones muscles.

Eating habits

Due to these tiring workouts, most people resort to eating a lot of food which is a bad idea, Mubiru notes that you have to tame your eating habits to reach your goal, replace junk with plenty of greens, sweet drinks with water and fresh juice, and also reduce the portion of the food you eat.


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