Silent Disco: The Latest Trend That Has Taken Over Kampala Night Life

In the heat of the rising need for entertainment, technology has come in handy. Silent disco is a result of the need to fill these market gaps.

It is a common trend among young adults and it’s gaining popularity day in day out. For those who have not heard about silent disco, this is what it is like;

Silent disco is one of the theme nights that are catching on in bars lately. It’s a very memorable experience because every listener is given wireless head phones and has a choice regarding which music to listen to, which makes it interesting.

Revelers enjoying Silent Disco

The headphones usually have 3 channels, each playing different music by a different disc spinner

For starters, silent disco might seem a little bit weird. The sight of a group of people dancing up and down with headphones in their ears and not hearing any sort of noise can be a bit bizarre. However, with the first experience, it gets better and better depending on the person.

The advantage of a silent disco is the fact that you can have fun while remaining reasonably quiet which is unheard off in any other set of disco. If you haven’t tried it, well, why not experience it this festive season as long as you do not irritate your ears.


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