“Shun Opposition Lies, Vote for NRM Flag Bearer Nusura Tiperu” – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has called upon the people of Arua Municipality in West Nile Sub-Region to shun the lies being told by the opposition political Parties and vote for the National Resistance Movement flag bearer Nusura Tiperu in the forthcoming Arua Municipality by election.

The President made the remarks today afternoon while addressing a rally at Boma Grounds in Arua Municipality.

“I do not know why the opposition groups have little shame. How can these Parties, FDC, UPC and DP, talk about West Nile?” the President wondered.

President Museveni arrives at Arua Boma grounds in Arua Municipality to campaign for Hon Tiperu Nusuru in the Arua Municipality bi-elections. 

President Museveni said that it was only when the NRM came to power that people who had run into exile in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo returned home.

“When UPC launched a revenge attack on the people of West Nile for supporting Idi Amin and people went into exile, it was only when NRM came into power that these people returned to the country,” he said.

President Museveni shares a light moment with Hon Tiperu Nusuru who is the NRM party flagbearer for Arua Municipality. This was at Boma grounds in Arua town

President Museveni said that since NRM came into power, the Movement has managed to defeat the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels and bring about development in the West Nile Region.

The President said that Kassiano Wadri – opposition candidate – cannot bring about development in Arua Municipality because he failed in Terego District and was voted out.

“In 2005 we went into multi party politics. If you go for elections and one party wins and another loses, the party that wins forms government and the manifesto for that party is implemented. In order to implement, we have a Caucus that agrees on what should be implemented and the opposition is not there,” he explained.

President Museveni planting mushrooms at Giligili presidential farm in Arua on Monday August 13th, 2018. (L) is State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe.

President Museveni warned that if the people of Arua handle politics badly, they would end up with bad results.

“I hear people say that politics is a game of lies. Politics is not a joke but serious business. NRM has been able to secure peace because we do not believe in politics of religion, tribe but usefulness. This is how we have managed to get a strong Army because we do not look at tribe, sex or religion when recruiting for the Army,” he said.

On security, the President said he was deeply sorry for the loss of Ibrahim Abiriga and other people that have been killed in Kampala.

President Museveni planting mushrooms at Giligili presidential farm in Arua

He explained that endless problems in the neighbouring countries have led criminals to sneak into the country and disturb the peace.

He said that just as the government managed to defeat the LRA and the ADF rebels, the criminals would also be defeated.

“The medicine for these criminals is installation of cameras all over the country and along highways. We have already started in Kampala. This business of using old policing methods depending on human intelligence, needs to be supplemented with cameras,” he said.

President Museveni planting crops at Giligili presidential farm in Arua district on

Earlier, the President launched a Presidential Demonstration Farm at Ediofe in Ayivu Sub-County in Arua District. He planted mushrooms, pawpaws, coffee and bananas on the farm.


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