Shs3.5 Million Fake Currency Found Abandoned at Roadside

Police in Lamwo District are investigating circumstances under which fake Ugandan currency worth Shs3.5m was dropped by a roadside in the area.

Residents of Ayago East village, Palar parish in Padibe East Sub County, while going to their gardens, found the Shs50,000 fake notes tied in bundles and abandoned by the roadside.

Padibe East Sub County Chairperson Julius Peter Olung said the residents reported to him the discovery upon which he alerted police and the RDC.

 Lamwo Resident district Commissioner James Nabinson Kidega says investigations are underway to ascertain circumstances under which the counterfeit notes were abandoned and the motives of the yet unknown fraudsters.

 To him, Kidega it’s a wakeup call to the entire populace and unsuspecting members of the public to observe vigilance during this time when the harvesting period is approaching.

A person who commits an offence under this section is, on conviction, liable to a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred currency points or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both.

Cases of people carrying fake currency in Uganda are on the rise.

In February, Police in Kampala recovered millions of counterfeit Ugandan shillings and thousands of US dollars in four separate raids on criminal gangs dealing in counterfeit currency in Kampala City and metropolitan areas.

Police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga said four Cameroon nationals and three Ugandans were arrested during the operations while they were planning to carry out an illegal business dealing in minerals from Cham Towers.

Two Ugandan nationals Geoffrey Tindyebwa,44 and Evans Tindyebwa believed to be brothers were in November 2019 arrested at Mombasa with fake US currency totaling to $94,000 (Ugshs357m).

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