Shs 500bn Busega-Mpigi Expressway: AfDB Gives ‘no Objection’ to UNRA Contractor

The Africa Development Bank (AfDB) has authorized Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to sign a contract for the construction of the Shs 500bn Busega-Mpigi expressway project, Chimp Corps report.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Executive Director Ms Allen Kagina on October 18, 2019 wrote to AfDB, seeking a green light for the revised evaluation report of the project.

“Our review of your submission indicated that there are minor inconsistencies; however, it was found not to have impact on the outcome evaluation process,” said Hussein Yusuf Iman, Regional Operations Manager Infrastructure, Private Sector and Industrialisation on December 11, 2018.

“If our further review on your submission reveals any issue that warrants your attention, we will share with you in due course,” said Yusuf.

However, based on the information and clarification provided, Yusuf added: “we are pleased to inform you that we have no objection to your recommendation to award the contract for the construction of Busega-Mpigi Expressway to M/s C.M.C Di Ravenna in JV with Advent Construction Ltd, Via Triesca n. 76; 48100, Ravenna (Italy) for the sum of Shs 501bn. This amount is inclusive of 18% VAT (Shs 78bn). The currency split is 30 percent in United States Dollar, 50 percent in Euro and 20 percent in Ugandan Shillings.”

The development ends months of intense bickering over the project.

Some individuals had petitioned the Inspectorate of Government to block the project, citing unfairness in the procurement process.

The road project covering Uganda and Rwanda is expected to support the regional integration objective of partner states of the EAC and Great Lakes Region.


The Rwanda side of the project has the rehabilitation of Kagitumba – Kayonza- Rusumo road (208km) which lies in the eastern part of the Country.

The Ugandan section has the construction of the Busega – Mpigi (23.7km) four lane expressway.

The existing Busega- Mpigi road is currently a two lane tarmac road (one lane in each direction) and is highly congested especially between Busega and Mpigi with over 26,000 vehicles per day.

The road links Uganda to Rwanda and Tanzania and will witness the construction of a new four-lane expressway/ motorway of approximately 23.7km length on new alignment.

Afdb’s Yusuf said the proceeds of the ADF and ADB loans shall be used to finance 100 percent of the contract amount excluding VAT.

Government of Uganda funds will cover the VAT.

How it works

The road project involves the construction of 4 Major interchanges to facilitate interconnection with roads at designated locations (Nabbingo, Nsangi, Maya and Lungala); construction of 20km of link/service roads (7m wide carriageway, 2×1.5m shoulders); and construction of 8km of auxiliary lanes (deceleration and acceleration), 2×3.5m wide.

According to the loan agreement, a 12km of interchange loops (4.0m wide carriageway, 2×2.0m shoulders) and 5 under/overpasses to facilitate closed access system will be constructed.

The entire length of the expressway will have light installation.

The road is expected to support economic co-operation between Uganda to Rwanda.

AfDB advised that UNRA ensures that the contract is signed “with the bidder recommended in your evaluation report. After concluding pre-award discussion with the successful bidder, you could proceed to sign the contract provided that there are no changes in the standard form of contract included in the bidding document.”

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