Shs 1bn Raised for UWESO House Project

A total of over one billion shillings has been realized at a fundraising drive towards the construction of the Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) Monumental House to be built on Spring Road at Bugolobi in Kampala City. The projected is expected to cost Shs.14 billion.

President Yoweri Museveni contributed Shs.300 million the project during the fundraising dinner drive last evening at State House, pills Entebbe. The function also attracted a cross section of people including the diplomatic corps, the business community government officials, legislators, bankers and the clergy, among others. The 1st Lady who is the Patron of UWESO contributed Shs.50 million.

UWESO, is a national charitable organization that Mrs. Janet Museveni founded in 1986 to help orphaned children in the war zone in Luweero. UWESO has given a ray of hope in life to 1.2 million vulnerable children in the last 30 years.

Speaking at the fundraising dinner, President Museveni, who was chief fundraiser, commended the strategy and commitment of UWESO in working to extend a ray of hope in life to vulnerable people in the country. He noted that sorting out their crucial necessities one by one and moving at a pace that ensured delivery of success have largely characterized the organization’s steadfastness in handling issues affecting orphaned children. “One by one makes a bundle. Too much speed on any journey is dangerous. Slowly by slowly takes one far,” he said.

Mr. Museveni noted that UWESO’s cardinal objective of caring for the vulnerable children up to 1.2 million of them has come true after 30 years. He said that the effort of the organization was an additional of what the government was doing.

“The UWESO dream house is an endowment and property for an income and good for institutions. The property will leave memory for Janet Museveni and other founder members of UWESO. The children who have gone through UWESO efforts are a heritage to UWESO and a story to tell,” he explained.

The President highly commended UWESO founders for the spirit of good reputation, management and transparency for others to emulate.

The First Lady and Patron of UWESO, Hon. Janet Museveni, who is also the Minister of Education and Sports, said the idea of forming UWESO was conceived as an emergency measure to rescue orphaned children in the war zone of Luweero. She explained that the oraganization that was started by volunteers later went to most districts in the country.


“I am proud to inform you that the children who have past through the hands of UWESO in the last 30 years have become useful citizens”, she said.

Hon. Janet Museveni informed guests at the fundraising drive the aim was to martial further support from the kind hand for the vulnerable children of Uganda. She explained that the UWESO Monumental House project will make UWESO more self reliant and self-sustaining. She appealed for further outreach to support that noble project.

“To give generously to the vulnerable people one has nothing to lose. For God’s children, UWESO is a ministry of joy and hope”, she stressed.

The Chairperson of NEC Marble Kiggundu applauded the President and the NRM for enabling NGOs to operate freely. She said that after 30 years of UWESO institutional development, the next 30 years are to focus on self-sustainability.

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