Should You Build or Buy Your Dream House?

By: Rebecca. K. Kamugungunu

Owning a home is a big deal for Ugandans and also costly at the same time so owning a home is an accomplishment most want to have under their belts.

There are several ways to own a property in Uganda with the most popular being buying or building a house. It should be noted that building and buying a property in Uganda entails different processes and hurdles and it is important to be alert so as to avoid any complications once you have paid your hard earned money.

Both buying and building a property have their own individual advantages and disadvantages and usually the choice is made depending on a person’s financial position and preference. This week we share with you the pros and cons of building or buying your dream home:


When it comes to convenience buying a house provides the most convenience because all you have to do is consult with an agent and pick out a house/property that matches your needs, pilule make a payment on the house and move in.

While building a house entails various procedures such as looking for land, order an architect to design the house/property, order construction materials, builders and time to monitor the building process.

However with this please note that  when buying a house it is hard to find something with your exact specifics and you may have to settle for second best.



People in most cases get mortgages to buy houses and this means that you will pay money with an interest to the bank for the next 10 -20 years and if you fail to make payments this house can be foreclosed by the bank leaving you homeless.

While when it comes to building your house you can take your time and use your savings, it might take a while depending on your income but the advantage is that you can halt the building when you run out of money and resume when you get more money.

However the advantage of buying over building in this scenario is that you can live in the house while still making payments and with banks like Stanbic you can get favorable mortgage loans and payment plans.


Time is important when building or buying your dream home. Building a home needs more time and patience because there are several processes involved in building house, from looking for land to following up on the right paperwork and taking time to supervise the construction of the property.

While with buying a house or property once you have picked out the house with your agent and negotiated the price your lawyer can follow up on the paper work.

However with building there is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing your dream home designed by you come to life.

There are several other pros and cons to building and buying your dream home but it should be noted that before you proceed to with either it is important to sit down with a professional or talk to friends and family before making a final decision.

The writer is a Communications Manager for Jumia House

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