Shock as Police Motorbike Ferries Waragi

The rate at which Uganda Police Force (UPF) officers are utilizing police locomotives has hit worrying levels.

Barely a week after a prisoner in Kitgum district being snapped riding a police motorcycle, another motorbike belonging to UPF has been snapped transporting waragi.

The motorcycle  registration number UP 5960, was snapped  a few days back parked besides one of Uganda’s roads, carrying boxes of Chief Waragi, which the rider was delivering to a yet to be identified destination.

However, this has left many Ugandans in shock, with several wondering whether the cop had just impounded the Chief Waragi boxes or was delivering them to his shop.

When the photo of a prisoner riding a police motorbike leaked a few days back, the police were quick to clarify about the matter.

Police PRO Asan Kasingye

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye explained that the prisoner, identified as Babylon Anywar, was a mechanic testing a police motorcycle.

“Two weeks ago, the OC Station requested the Prison authorities to help them out with Prisoner Babylon Anywar, a motorcycle repairer,” Kasingye said.

He added that by the time Anywar was snapped  riding the  motorbike he going to buy spare parts.


When asked about this motorbike carrying Chief Waragi, Kasingye said that “That was very long ago. What was in the boxes wasn’t necessarily waragi because you can’t prove it.

When you go to a shop and buy milk and they put it in  a box, would you have bought milk or the box?  You cannot  make assumptions  unless you know exactly what was in the box.”

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