Shock as Kabale NRM Chairman Campaigns for Gen Muntu

Locals in Kabale Municipality locals were stunned on Monday when Sam Arinaitwe, the Kabale Central Division Chairman joined in the campaign rally of Opposition FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu, took to the podium and openly rallied support for his re-election at the hem of the opposition party.

Arinaitwe, who subscribes to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) was welcomed with enthusiasm by FDC supporters at Muntu’s rally held at Kabale Municipal Stadium.

He occasionally flashed the FDC V sign to make sure he totally blended in.

When given chance to address the rally, Arinairwe described Gen Muntu as a good man with a modest character, sand stressed that despite being called an NRM mole by his opponents, Muntu kept the party going.

The Division Chairman said he was well aware of the backlash he would face by speaking at an FDC rally, but noted that the good leadership and character of Muntu would all be worth it.

“I want to welcome you to Central Division; I like your leadership skills and principles. People who call others moles for expressing love to a person they admire, miss the point,” said Arinaitwe.

He added that Kabale practices politics of inclusiveness and that all this while he has been working together with FDC leaders to develop Kabale Municipality.

The rally was also attended by the Kabale Municipality Mayor Sentaro Byamugisha who formerly served as the Kabale FDC secretary general.

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