SHOCK: American Rapper Cardi B Steals Lydia Jazmine’s Video Concept

This is going to come as a shock that you will probably never believe but American rapper and new mother Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar professionally known as Cardi B copied a few video tricks from our very own Lydia Jazmine.

The particular concept is in Jazmine’s ‘Ojja Kunzita’ song released on 16 July this year where she was wearing a long black dress with rope-like strings hanging from all directions are holding her captive.

Gorgeous Lydia Jazmine

The same exact scenario is seen in Cardi B’s song ‘Ring’ that was released on 28 August this year where she was featuring Kehlani; only difference was that Cardi was wearing a short black dress with blonde hair.

Jazmine’s song was produced by the late Danz Ku Mapeesa before passing, the beats by Artin pro and directed by the iconic Jahlive whereas Cardi’s song was produced by Neddlz; Scribz Riley.

One wonders why an American rapper, songwriter, television personality and one of the most famous singer’s video could be this similar to a Ugandan video, could this really be a coincidence?

Cardi B

The fact that Ugandans’ creativity can be stolen by the people we look up to indicates that good work has no boundaries and says a lot about our music industry…Way to go!

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