Shifah Musisi Reveals Date For Debut Concert


Shifah Musisi, an Afro Soul Artist, one of the few musicians from Kapeeka is set to return to her roots.

The artist and designer has never held a solo concert before ever since she started her music career. Musisi canceled her show where she was supposed to host the ‘Unveiling of Shifah Musisi’ in 2018 for reasons she described thus, “i had a lot going on then.”

Well, she will be holding a concert on November 1st at Golf Course Hotel. She says she went through a lot last year that she realized it wasn’t the right time to host the show; she postponed it to this year.

Dubbed ‘Unveiling Shifah Musisi,’ the singer says she is more than ready for the show this time around. The show will depict her musical journey that goes beyond ethno, soul and storytelling.

While addressing journalists on Tuesday this week at Golf Course in Kampala, Musisi said that she is working on new music projects which will get people fully entertained at the show.

She also added that she will be releasing her album shortly after the show.

Musisi will be joined by Uganda’s top vocalists and singers including Kenneth Mugabi, Geosteady and Jose Sax among others.


Musisi who has been doing music for the past six years, has been able to perform at a number of events which include Castelo De Vide in Portugal, Doa Doa, Roast and Rhyme, Bayimba festival, Blankets and wine among others.

She will also stage a charity concert on November 9 at her former school Mulama Secondary school and we are told that proceeds from this concert will help to uplift children’s living standards.

Parents will get to witness once in a life time, a live performance of that caliber which rarely occurs in rural areas.

“The concert will give the young talented generation more inspiration to work hard on improving their talents after seeing their own succeeding in music,” Shifah remarked.

Musisi also added, “I call upon everyone to come and witness this record breaking concert as well as the launch of my third album ever since I joined the music industry.”


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