Sheila Gashumba Takes on Another Fight against Ddembe FM’s Kasuku

It’s almost a month now since Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend God’s Plan started the ‘Stop Social Media Bullying Uganda’. The campaign scored a success recently when Scoop on Scoop, an Urban TV program, was suspended by UCC for cyber bullying.

According to Sheila, the program’s TV presenter had continuously shamed her on television and continued to say false things about her.

Following the whole campaign, Sheila and her boyfriend were invited to NBS’ Uncut Sabula program to discuss the entire hashtag. After the interview Isaac Katende alias Kasuku, of Ddembe FM said that Sheila had no right to be behind the entire hashtag since she had also done the same to former NTV presenter Robin Kisiti.

Sheila has retaliated in a tweet saying, “Kasuku, you are the one who has no moral authority to talk about cyber bullying because you have BULLIED PUBLIC FIGURES AND Artists over the years! You are only threatened because you know that you are NEXT to be suspended because what your show on Ddembe does is to BULLY!”

From the look of things, Kasuku is now on Sheila and God’s Plan’s watch. The couple is now championing the campaign not only against themselves but to also help other artists and celebrities who have been victims to cyber bullying.

Kasuku also responded in a tweet saying that he would never get into a verbal exchange with Sheila and her boyfriend because they only want to make noise and that’s their way of life.

Time will tell if this actually takes the same direction as Urban TV’s Tina Fierce’s.

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