Sheila Gashumba Reveals What she Looks out for in a Man

Sheila Carol Gashumba, one of the youngest and fastest growing TV personalities has her own qualities any man should possess if she’s ever going to consider dating him.

In an interview with Crystal Newman on Celeb Select, Gashumba revealed that she is not dating…yet.

“Everyone asks me that, but the time you see publically with someone that’s when you’ll know,” she said when asked whether she’s seeing someone.

Having earlier chatted about how her dad [Frank Gashumba] is like an earthly God, Crystal wondered whether he [Frank] has ever meddled into her relationship issues.

“My dad is not really too nosy, he trusts me,” Sheila responded.

“He knows that he has groomed someone who can make the right decisions,” she further explained.

On whether he interferes with her life, she said “He’s not so much into by business”

Asked to highlight the qualities she would look out for in a man, Sheila said “I would love someone who is hardworking, calm, very understanding and supportive.”


For any man who a crush of the Lil stunner, you may need to jot these down.

“I grew up in a very nice home, I had everything. There’s never one day where I told my dad like I need this,” she explained,

“I wouldn’t want to call someone and say I need this, just do it. That’s the job of a man,” she said.

The NTV the Beat co-host also adds that “I would love someone to grow with; like build an empire. I’ve been shown how a man should treat a lady.”

“I also want someone from a good family; I mean morals, I’m not talking about money her.

Broke guys don’t celebrate yet. Sheila capped off that point, saying “but of course I wouldn’t be dating a broke person.”

“I mean, I can’t come from a good life to living a mediocre life,” she said, also adding that “I’m just being honest here.”

In case you were planning to deem her materialistic, Sheila explains that “I respect everyone to their capacity, but I feel like you’re only broke because you choose to be broke.”

In a nutshell, the outspoken presenter says “I need someone who is cool; not the office kinda person, just a street-smart person.”

“I also get turned off by small little things; the way you dress, language, just the small things.”

Sheila further noted that:  “I wouldn’t like someone who is everywhere. I like a proud man.”


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