Sheila Gashumba Parades New Man as Fik Fameica Looks On

NTV’s Sheila Gashumba seems to have no sense of sensitivity at all as she confidently strolled in at the Tusker Lite Night Run on Saturday with her new man.

Gashumba walked in at Torino bar for a good time looking sexy and glowing as ever in blue patras, orange top and denim jacket minutes after his alleged boyfriend, singer Fik Fameica.

Gashumba shows off her mysterious man as Fik Fameica performs at the Night Run Photo by – Balam Bob

“Huh this was expected, where Fk Fameica is Gashumba must be too,” a reveler exclaimed when she spotted Gashumba walking in.

To everyone’s shock, the slim presenter was later seen cozying up with a mysterious chocolate gentleman who was dressed in white.

The two were cozy through out the night. Photo by – Bob Balam

They stood up to dance in a provocative way the moment the ‘Sconto’ singer took on the stage as though to prove a point.

One wonders what Gashumba was calculating with such a move or maybe she could have been trying to prove a point to Fameica after they had had a fight.

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