Sheikh Mwanje Charged Afresh With Terrorism, Murder of Major Kiggundu

Six Muslims including the Acting Tabliq leader Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje have been charged with the murder of Maj. Muhammed Kiggundu and his body Guard Sgt Stephen Mukasa in November last year.

These were also charge with aiding and abetting terrorism and belonging to a Terrorist group, before Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Jamson Karemani.

The charged are Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje, Buyondo Muhammed, Sendegeya Abdu Wahab, Sekandi Musa, Nyanzi Yusuf and Silaj, Kalyango Jibril.

Four of the six, including Shk Mwanje had earlier in January been charged with the same murder crime but acquitted by High Court after Prosecution claimed to have lost interest in the case.

The resurrection of the murder charges against four of the six was strongly opposed by defense lawyer Friday Roberts Kagoro, stating that the DPP had clearly indicated that he lost interest the case, and court acquitted them.

“Charging them afresh is a violation of their rights and an abuse of the court process,” he argued.

In reply however, State Prosecutor John Baptist Asiimwe argued that they had initially dropped the charges to enable them include two more people on the charge sheet.

He argued that the four had already been committed to High Court and there was no way of introducing two more suspects.

Magistrate Karemani informed the accused that they only needed to understand their charges but couldn’t be allowed to speak because their offenses can only be heard by the High Court.

Prosecutor  Asiimwe told court that investigations in the matter are complete, and thus asked for a one week adjournment to have the accused persons committed to High court for trial.

The trial magistrate adjourned the matter to 18th September and also issued production warrant to have the other two suspects produced in court on that date.

The duo, Nyanzi Yusuf and Kalyango Jibril, prosecution claims, used to belong to the Terrorist ADF group between 2010 and 2017.

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