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Sheema Woman Arrested for Baiting 10-Year Old Daughter to Extort Men

Police in Sheema have in detention a woman who has reportedly been extorting men by accusing them of defiling her 10-year-old daughter.

Police says the suspect Annet Rukundo, has been setting up men with her 10-year-old daughter and she would then rush to police to report a case of defilement.

“She would then tell the man to amicably resolve the case and promise to withdraw the case if the man accepted to pay a certain amount of money,” said a police source.

“However, in her latest attempt, a young man insisted on taking the girl to a hospital of his choice and results turned out that the girl had not been abused.”

The victim, Andrew Magezi is a tenant on Rukundo’s rental houses.

Sheema Police Officer Levi Akalivenyima says upon being questioned, it was found that Rukundo had carried out several successful attempts to frame innocent men, several of whom ended up being arrested.

Rukundo is now facing among others charges of giving false information to a police officer.

Serena Nayebare, the Sheema district Probation Officer urged parents to always be good examples to their children and stop putting them on the wrong path.

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