Sheema: MP Mwijukye Responds to Museveni’s Attack

Buhweju MP Hon. Francis Mwijukye last weekend opened up on what he called a verbal assault on him by President Yoweri Museveni, during a campaign rally in Kabwohe town council.

While rallying support for Minister Elioda Tumwesigye who is contesting for the Sheema Municipality MP seat on Wednesday, the president reportedly asked locals to ensure the NRM doesn’t lose to the opposition as was the case in Buhweju.

“Once, Buhweju had a focused MP Hon. Biraro who used to pester me with infrastructure. He was even the parliamentary works committee chairman; he would disturb me asking for roads in Buhweju and I was ready to work on his requests but there came a young man Mwijukye, and people of Buhweju voted him,” said the President.

“Actually, Mwijukye saved me. You can see how Buhweju is today. So you people of Sheema don’t be like those of Buhweju; only vote Tumwesigye whom I can work with,” said the president

While addressing journalists in Kabwohe over the weekend, Mwijukye responded to the president, reminding him that the people of Buhweju entrusted him to represent them in parliament.

“The people of Buhweju voted me after they scrutinized very carefully my manifesto and programs and in their view, I was their best and they sent me to parliament to represent them,” Mwijukye said.

The MP added that Buhweju is actually performing better than many other districts represented by NRM MPs, who he said are voted only to please the president.

“I have only spent two years in parliament but we have 262km of electricity; when I bought one ambulance government bought two others to ensure that I don’t defeat them,” he said.


“In the recent ministry of local government score card, Buhweju scored 67% and it was the best performing in Greater Bushenyi and one of the best in the country. This is a district represented by a person whom he claims is not useful and according to him usefulness is determined by attendance of a caucus,” charged Mwijukye

“For him as long as you go to parliament and sleep don’t raise anything in parliament but wake up and vote for NRM or even sing his name then you’re useful but if you go and speak against his wish then you’re not useful”

Mwijukye added that the fact the president drove all away from Entebbe to speak about him in Sheema showed he is a useful man.

“A person who is supposed to be a fountain of honor comes to Sheema and spends 10minutes of his 30minutes speaking about a useless person”

The MP encouraged Ugandans to always vote leaders who will represent and speak for them in parliament irrespective of threats that they will lose infrastructure development if they vote an opposition leader.

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