Sheebah Karungi’s Mother Demands for Grandchildren

One of Uganda’s most popular artists Sheebah Karungi is having ‘talks’ with her mother as she is demanding for grandchildren from both Sheebah and her brother.

In a video on Sheebah’s snapchat, her mother says,”you need to give me children before I leave. You will have them and I will be nowhere to be seen.”

In response, Sheebah also asks her brother to give their mother grandchildren because he is a man and he can easily have children as opposed to her.

According to the Nakyuuka singer, if she got pregnant now, she would have to stop working so she can carry the baby.

The mother, however, doesn’t seem convinced enough and insists that both her children should give her grandchildren so that she can see and carry them when she still can.

Sheebah with her brother

While shooting a video for one of her songs on the Samali album, Sheebah dresses up as a bride and upon sharing the pictures on social media, she jokingly said that those are the pictures she will give her mother when she asks for a wedding.

Sheebah will be turning 31 this year in November. It’s not certain whether the Team No Sleep singer wants to eventually settle and have a family of her own or she has chosen her career and ‘personal space’ for eternity.

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