Sheebah Hints on Making Babies

Renowned singer Sheebah Karungi, who has entertained Ugandan music lovers for several years, seems to be ready to become a mother.

Sheebah hints about having a child in her latest song titled ‘Muwe’.

In the said song, Sheebah, whose love life has been shady for a long time, sings about a man who has loved her so much to the extent that she is ready to give him a child.

The chorus of Sheebah’s song flows thus;

“Ono omwana gwolaba atabula, nze yantabula nenoga

Nanoga nanyo nentamwa abalala, Kamuwe omwana…”

This can be loosely translated to mean that “This guy you see mixed me well until I became properly remixed. Let me give him a child.”

It is however not yet clear whom Sheebah is ready to give a child and many of her fans wonder if he was the inspiration for her new song.



Here is a link to Sheebah’s ‘Muwe’ song;

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