Sheebah Advises Women on how to Treat Cheating Men

The ever energetic singer Sheebah Karungi aka Karma queen cautioned women to stop tolerating disrespect from their men.

While performing at the Tokosa food festival over the weekend at Lugogo UMA show ground, the slay mama left a few words of advice for the women.

It was after concluding her love ‘Beera Nange’ song when she said, “…but when you find him cheating you beat and destroy his car.”

Sheebah added, “No more playing with women of today.”

The already worked up crowd cheered on in agreement to her advise.

The ‘Muwe’ singer has been over time known to be a feminist due to the messages she puts out empowering women.

In one interview on NBS with MC Kats weeks back, Sheebah’s last message was also to women telling them to quit abusive relationships.

It seems Sheebah is turning out to be the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie of Uganda today.





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