Shartsi Musherure Speaks Out on Running as Independent, Promises Chaos-Free Campaigns

Mawogola North MP aspirant Shartsi Musherure, has reiterated her support for the National Resistance Movement (NRM), despite the party deciing not to back any of the candidates in the 2021 elections for the Mawogola North MP seat.

Standing as an independent, Shartsi Musherure will face-off with several candidates who are looking to represent Mawogola North in Parliament next year.

Among these is Godfrey Aine Kaguta better known as Sodo.

Promising accountability, commitment to service above self and uniting the people of Mawogola North towards development, Ms. Musherure says she harbors no bad blood with party members and is still a very active member in the party.

“It is unfortunate that I must campaign for my MP seat under the label of an independent candidate, but I am still NRM to the core. My message will not change. I will continue to campaign for myself, the NRM party and President Museveni because I am a consistent candidate and our people know it,” she said.

“This is a small part of the big picture. Our principles as the NRM are patriotism, social-economic transformation, democracy and unity. These are the ideals we live by. I have confidence in the NRM party systems, and I adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the party members. I do not intend to go against my party.”

“We are going back to focus on what counts – livelihoods of our people, income generating projects, making sure that service delivery is happening and traversing the area for more support.”

Ms. Musherure also called upon party members to avoid chaos and work on uniting everyone in the party.


“I think we as NRM representatives, need to organize ourselves and not create problems for the party and the President. Our people have realized that the NRM systems work and that the President does listen to their cries and acts upon them,” she said.

Her comments come amid fruitless efforts by the ruling party to reconcile members running on the independent ticket.

In Mawogola North where Ms. Musherure is seeking election, both NRM candidates are running as independents because they couldn’t hold residual elections in villages where results had been disputed.

Ms. Musherure has nonetheless appreciated the role of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the NRM party in leading the way to cause reconciliation among all the aspirants in the NRM primaries. She reiterated her readiness to participate in a peaceful campaign free of intimidation and violence.


Musherure lodged a petition with the NRM party tribunal in September in which she cited acts of violence, voter intimidation and massive importation of non- Sembabule residents for the purpose of voting.

The petition also highlighted the unilateral decision taken by some members of the NRM electoral commission contrary to the established and agreed upon voting guidelines.

She argued that the environment created in the party primaries could not be classified as either free or fair; as such the results as declared on the 30th of September 2020 lacked legitimacy and were not representative of the will of the people of Mawogola North.

Following a thorough review of the evidence presented, the tribunal found her petition was “persuasive” and “successful”.

The CEC, chaired by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, subsequently decided to withdraw a declaration of Mr. Godfrey Aine as NRM flagbearer for the MP seat of Mawogola North.

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