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Shaka ‘Arrested’ as Security Hunt Down Okwalinga

Mabior Garang, ampoule the son of South Sudan founding father, viagra sale John Garang, information pills has hailed the reunification of the country’s ruling party, SPLM, saying it is a step forward towards returning stability to the world’s youngest but war-torn nation.

“The unity of the SPLM is a baby step in the right direction,” said Mabior after former political detainees returned to Juba as part of the process of bringing back together warring SPLM factions.

“I salute the courage of our Comrades in Juba,” he added, in reference to President Salva Kiir’s government decision to allow former party leaders to take back their positions with the view of healing the nation’s wounds.

Former senior political detainees who were released through President Kenyatta’s intervention during the early days of the conflict in South Sudan are expected to play a bigger role in reconciling the warring factions.

They are; Pagan Amum, Deng Alor, Kosti Manibe, Cirino Hiteng, Chol Tong, Rebecca Garang, John Luk, Oyai Deng, Madut Biar and Majak Agot.

Mabior, who was until recently a strong ally of rebel leader Dr Riek Machar, warned that some elements in opposition are hell-bent on frustrating efforts aimed at ending the turmoil in South Sudan.

“I think the opposition forces in the country should be cautiously optimistic and vigilant instead of being suspicious. It will not help anyone to be pessimistic and generally negative and though Dr. Lam Akol is correct in suggesting that the SPLM can’t bring peace alone, the unity of the SPLM is a baby step in the right direction,” said Mabior.

“Let the warmongers on both sides, the enemies of peace on both sides be exposed. There are those around Comrade Salva and around Comrade Dr. Riek Machar (civilians not soldiers) whose dissatisfaction is which personalities will loot the country and don’t really care about the fundamental change our masses have aspired for since 1947,” he further cautioned.


Mabior did not mention names in his latest attack on the rebels’ leadership.

He, however, said, “This is not to say that we sweep the crimes (no matter who committed them) under the rug but peace must necessarily come before justice and accountability and must be committed to in a comprehensive agreement involving all stakeholders in the country.”

Mabior said “this attitude by the government is so far the closest we have been to a solution and if genuine could be a turning point in the conflict.”

President Kiir last week rescinded the suspension of Machar, allowing him and others to resume their duties as senior officials in the SPLM.
The hunt for one of Uganda’s most wanted men, clinic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, help has intensified with police reportedly arresting Robert Shaka alias Maverick from his residence in Kampala.

It is reported security picked Shaka at 5:00am on Monday on charges related to computer misuse.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said he was yet to get a brief on the development.

“I don’t have that information,” said Enanga when contacted by ChimpReports today.

Shaka is an information security expert based in Washington DC.

His mother participated in the 1990 war that brought the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) to power in 1994.

Shaka has severally interfaced with detectives as police hunt down Okwalinga.

An old student of Kings’ College Buddo, Shaka is suspected of being part of the Okwalinga cyber project that has rattled government for years.

A Facebook account under the pseudo name Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has for the last five years been claiming access to classified information.

However, the better part of Okwalinga’s leaks have either been false or fabricated but highly sensational.

Some people have as well used the Facebook account to leak sensitive security information, especially the recordings of police boss Gen Kale Kayihura’s meetings with informants.

Highly placed sources told Chimpreports that Shaka’s alleged arrest is part of a wider investigation by President Museveni into abuse of social media.

Museveni recently ordered Kayihura to cause an investigation into misuse of social media applications especially WhatsApp after listening to a sectarian abusive exchange between a Mukiga and Muhima woman.

Shaka recently told this website’s Managing Editor, Giles Muhame that he is not Okwalinga. He has equally denied the charge in other media outlets.

Two days before his alleged arrest, Shaka shared on his Facebook wall:

“Our freedom is intertwined with your freedom. Our dreams are intertwined with your dreams. Our fears and aspirations are intertwined with yours. If you are not free then am not free either. If you suffer from economic insecurity then I must also. When you celebrate in a unity of purpose, I celebrate with you. If you’re sad we have no reason to be happy; we must walk with you. We must hold each other’s hand and walk together. That is how we build strong communities of men and women.”

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