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SHAKA ARREST: The Untold Story

Just a few days after winning the ninth Uganda Cup Title against city rivals KCCA Fc, viagra dosage SC Villa president Eng Ben Missaga has cracked the whip at the club, ampoule sacking all his executives and a total of eight players.

Perhaps the biggest casualty is the club’s long serving player and captain Isaac Kirabira.

He has been at the club through thick and thin moments.

Together with him is another veteran midfielder Stephen Bengo, who many people think he was the main reason former Coach Sam Ssimbwa left.

Other released players are Ronald Muganga, Musa Doca, Krizsetom Ntambi, Andrew Kaggwa, Joseph Kayira, and Isaac Kiwewa.

The executive members were neither spared the rod as the engineer made his shocking revelations at the club’s fans party day during the weekend.

“Let me make this clear, from now onwards, I will do all Villa work by myself because I have suspended all former executive members,” he said

The eight include Meddie Nsereko, Deborah Ssembatya, Muhammed Bazirengedde, Emmanuel Muwanga, Fred Turyatemba, Muhammed Jumba   and Moses Musasizi.


The members are accused of fuelling rumours that Missagga was bribed to allow the Uganda cup replay.
Tooro Kingdom newly appointed Prime Minister Hon. Bernard Tungwaho has vowed to prioritize the issue of the land disputes so as to bring harmony among the subjects in the kingdom.

Tungwaho was appointed Prime Minister Tooro Kingdom by Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV after his predecessor Stephen Kaliba resigned and announced that he is joining politics to contest as MP Fort Portal municipality.

King Oyo puts the Rukwanzi on Tungwaho
King Oyo puts the Rukwanzi on Tungwaho

During the swearing in ceremony held at Mucwa kingdom chambers in Fort Portal on Friday evening, recipe Hon. Tungwaho vowed to settle the land cases and bring about sanity in the kingdom.

He said, patient “I will set a committee to investigate issues related to land wrangles and this committee will also be charged with the responsibility of sensitizing the public on the advantages of acquiring land titles”

This follows several complains from the subjects that some kingdom officials were evicting them from their land and other charging them exorbitant fees as ground rent.

The new Premier kisses King Oyo's  hands after swearing in
The new Premier kisses King Oyo’s hands after swearing in

The prime minister also revealed that he would lobby funds and work tirelessly to establish projects to benefit the subjects of Tooro.

He added, “I will struggle to reunite the subjects of Tooro and show them the right direction and love their King”.

Tooro Kingdom has been divided after Prince David Kijanangoma Araali declared himself as rebel king of Tooro, causing two factions, one loyal to king Oyo and another to David Kijanangoma.

In his speech, King Oyo argued the new prime minister to emulate the deeds of the former prime ministers and focus at developing the kingdom together with all the other stakeholders.

Tungwaho and his wife hail from Kitagwenda
Tungwaho and his wife hail from Kitagwenda County 

“I thank Hon. Stephen Kaliba for the good work done for the Kingdom and also commend the past prime ministers like David Kasagama, John Sanyu Katuramu, Stephen Rwakijuma, Late Nyakatura William and Amos Mugisa among others for striving to develop this kingdom” Said King Oyo.

The King also announced Mr. Stephen Tinka as 2nd Deputy Prime minister but retained Hon. Harriet Nyakake as 1st Deputy Prime Minister.

The new Premier Bernard Tungwaho Ateenyi, 62, is a former central government civil servant in the Ministry of Finance who retired 10 years back and is currently a private business man.

He hails from Kitagwenda County, Kamwenge district but has a residence in Gweri parish,  Karambi sub county, in Kabarole
At 6:30pm on June 5, about it social media critic, more about Robert Shaka alias Maverick, ailment received a call from police’s Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID).

He had been on police bond for three months after being questioned over alleged cyber crimes.

The CIID told Shaka that if he was still in office, he should, as a matter of urgency, report to CIID headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala.

Shaka became suspicious considering that his bond was expiring in three days (12:30pm, June 8).

He feared that the police would keep him in detention with the view of parading him in court the next week.

That Friday, Shaka chose not to go to CIID.

However, his hopes that the police bond would be extended for a few months were shattered. The CIID call signalled something bigger was about to happen.

He had given NTV a scoop about his interface with police who are hunting for the notorious Facebook handler of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga.

The account has for years been disparaging government officials and president Museveni. The handler is one of the most wanted men in the country.

Realising that NTV would run the interview with Shaka, CIID decided to strike first.

It is thought NTV most likely had tried to call Police for their side of the story, a reason detectives possibly wanted Shaka out of circulation before the interview ran on Sunday.

Hours after the interview, Shaka, a Cyber Security Consultant with more than 15 years of experience, would find himself at the centre of a huge battle with the state.


On the morning of June 8 (Monday), Shaka set off from his residence in Kiwatule, Kampala for an appointment at 5.45am.

700 meters away from his residence was an Ipsum brand car with private numbers plates parked under a tree.

It was dark. The security light that beamed into the car could give clear visibility that the vehicle had many people inside it.

One meter past it on his right, Shaka saw the car’s occupants turn on the engine. Shaka knew the guys would follow him.

He would later realise that it was neither a car robbery mission nor an assassination plot.

According to an investigator in Shaka’s case, the social media critic drove quickly with the view of parking at a public facility such as a fuel station.

He thought that if the car occupants were innocent people they would drive past him and proceed with their business.

Shaka packed at Oryx fuel station just next to the pressure pump and disembarked from his car within 5 seconds.

“We knew he was going to take off. He did not. And even then, we would have chased him because we had firm instructions to deliver him to Special Investigations Unit (SIU) base in Kireka at all costs,” a source told ChimpReports investigations team.

The Ipsum packed behind Shaka’s vehicle. About 8 men in plain clothes surrounded him. Some of them were carrying AK 47 assault rifles.

One of detectives told Shaka that he was under arrest.

They had a piece of paper and Shaka’s photograph.

Shaka asked the security personnel to allow him pick his Identity Card from his car.

The officers told Shaka not to worry as someone else would drive his car to where he was being taken.

They did not want him to return to the car.

He joined the armed security personnel in the back seat, starting a journey that would a few days later see him booked at Luzira Prison.

He did not know where he was being taken.

According to an eyewitness at Oryx fuel station; many of the detectives were yawning meaning they had spent a night doing surveillance around his residence.

One of the men in the back seat slept off, raising fears that most, if not all, all of them were suffering from a sleep debt.

The driver who seemed to be the Operation commander was on phone receiving instructions.

The first morning instructions were that Shaka should be taken to Okello House in Nakasero until another confirmation came through that he must be detained at Kireka SIU.

By 6.20am, Shaka had been delivered at SIU. He was supposed to be put under the custody of the SIU Director Mark Odongo and being too early he was kept in the car until around 8.30am.

Around 7.30am the Operation leader who had walked out of the car seemed to have gone to Shaka’s car with his other colleagues to do a search possibly for computer related equipment or phone.

He came back shouting at his colleagues: “You people are very stupid, that man has a phone and is communicating to people.”

It is at this point that Shaka learnt that he was not supposed to communicate to anyone including his family, lawyer or business colleagues.

The phone which was tacked away in his jacket was handed over to the plain clothed officers.

Legal battle

By 9.00am, Shaka’s lawyer and business colleagues had arrived at Kireka.

Shaka had been to CIID Kibuli almost 10 times and had written a plain statement during which time his residence had been searched thoroughly for computer equipment suspected to have evidential value.

The computers were seized in February and the police had them in custody for more than two months for analysis.

When the time came for him to write a charge and caution statement, that is when his Lawyer instructed that that was illegal.

It is what Shaka should have done at the very start of the process when the police invited him at CIID.

The police took long to charge Shaka. They isolated and detained him at their facility.

It was a few days later that Shaka was charged with offensive communication which the state said he “wilfully and repeatedly committed between 2011 and 2015.”

Prosecution further submitted that Shaka, “an Information Technology specialist disguised as Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, with the help of a computer and with no purpose of legitimate communication unlawfully posted on social media (Facebook) statements regarding the health condition of president Museveni.”

Shaka denied the charge but was remanded at Luzira Prison where he spent a weekend until June 15. His case hearing is due June 30.

Family friends say Shaka served in the National Resistance Army (NRA) guerrilla war that saw President Museveni take power in 1986.

“The war helped sharpen his thought process. It helped him understand himself and history and also define his life as an independent person,” recounts a close family friend who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“The entire war experience taught him that the world owes him nothing and lowered his expectations from people. He likes to do his own stuff and define his own course of things. He has an independent mind that questions ambiguity,” the relative added.

“He is a very stubborn man.”

Shaka has worked with many corporations as a cyber security expert such as CDC in Washington DC, USAID, ASHOKA and Etisalat in Dubai.

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