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Shadowy ‘Red Top’ Group Circulates Civil Disobedience Leaflets in Kampala

Police have commenced an investigation into circumstances under which hundreds of posters calling for civil disobedience were circulated in Kampala on Sunday night.

People going to work woke up to the posters with the inscription “National Warning: Elections after Reforms” on pavements and many buildings in the city.

The leaflets with a photo of a soldier in a red beret had another catchy phrase: “You are ordered to adhere to the Citizens’ Compact.”

An unknown “Red Top” of the “National Youth Activists” claimed responsibility for circulating the leaflets.

Under the soldier’s photo is the caption, drugs capsule “change begins with me, visit this with you, with us.”

The posters were pinned near Electoral Commission headquarters, Independence Monument and KCCA gardens.

These are some of the most-guarded areas with the streets being patrolled by heavily-armed police, intelligence units and military forces.

Interestingly, all these security organs fell short of arresting a single individual in the act.



It should as well be remembered that security has CCTV cameras in most parts of the city with the central command at police headquarters.

The posters were brought down in a police operation led by the Central Police Station DPC Aaron Baguma.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told ChimpReports in Kampala on Monday that, “we have tasked our ICT team to review the CCTV footage at the points where the posters were pinned to try to identify the people behind the move.”

He added: “These are propaganda tactics by political activists intended to cause fear within the people but the threats are passive and shouldn’t worry the country.”

Enanga said such tactics have been adopted by opposition politicians to sow seeds of anarchy but warned perpetrators will be dealt with.

Opposition maintains political reforms which include disbanding of the Electoral Commission (EC) should be adopted but this would mean a constitutional amendment.

The Presidential election nomination exercise is set for early November, less than a fortnight from today.

The EC maintains is has developed the much-needed capacity to hold free and fair elections.

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