SFC, Police Deny Involvement in Kidnap of Keeza

The Special Forces Command (SFC) has dismissed claims that its officers were involved in the kidnap of a young woman named Patience Katushabe Keeza.

Ms Keeza has been missing for nearly a month.

She was reportedly kidnapped by unknown men on Friday September 28th from her work place in Kampala.

She worked at a company named Kwakoo, on the Kampala Boulevard along Kampala Road.

Her captors, according to colleagues, claimed to be operatives of the SFC.

These reportedly told her they were taking her to the Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) to record a statement.

The incident, her colleagues say, didn’t look suspicious and was not treated as an arrest.

Speaking to Chimpreports this morning, the SFC spokesperson Capt. Jimmy Omara said the elite force wasn’t involved in the said kidnap.


“I asked my leaders and I asked everyone around here; no such person was picked by any member of the SFC,” Omara told us.

“Although that’s what was alleged, we have tried to find out, but I assure you, no officer of the SFC carried out such an operation.”

“We know that there are many people who have been going around duping people in the name of the SFC, and sometimes such a stain can be hard to remove, but we ask the members of the public to be on the lookout for such people.”

Capt. Omara urged members of Keeza’s family and her colleagues to take up the matter with the Police.

Keeza’s workmates say shortly after she was taken, they tried to follow her to CPS to find out about the charges, but did not find her.

These say they were told by Police officers that Keeza had not been brought there.

Her parents are said to be devastated.

Police says it is stilling trying to track her down.

A missing persons case has since been filed at Mutungo Police Station under file number SD REF:30/05/10/2018.

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