SEX & BROKEN HEARTS: My Boyfriend’s Family Rejected me Because I was Black   

The Speaker of Parliament, this http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/class-wp-http-streams.php Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, help has appealed to Ugandans to be security cautious following the killing of Sheikh Hassan Kirya, information pills a Muslim cleric.

The Sheikh was gunned down on Tuesday, 30th June 2015 in Bweyogerere under mysterious circumstances.

The manner in which Kirya’s life was taken bore the hallmarks of organized crime.

The killing came at a time when the country was still recovering from the shocking murder of State Prosecutor, Joan Kagezi in Kiwatule early this year.

“Sheikh Kirya’s death has happened so soon after we have hardly recovered from the loss of a number of other Muslim clerics that were also murdered,” said Hon. Kadaga during the third Parliament Iftar dinner held on Thursday.

Kirya was the 12th Muslim cleric to be killed in cold blood in the country in the last two years.

The dinner was held at the new Parliament parking yard and was attended by a cross-section of Muslims including leaders, ambassadors, Ministers, MPs, academics and businessmen.

Kadaga said that the Muslim community was going through a difficult time following the death of Sheikh Kirya, the Spokesperson of Kibuli based Muslim Supreme Council.


The Speaker, who was joined by Parliament Commissioners and the Clerk to Parliament, appealed to government to improve security across the country.

She assured the Muslim community that “Parliament would continue to play its role where security is concerned.”

Earlier, during the afternoon sitting of Parliament, the Shadow Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi, castigated government for the killings of Muslim leaders.

He demanded that government presents to Parliament a comprehensive statement explaining the killings.

The Government Chief Whip, Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa, promised that government would present the statement to Parliament in two weeks.

The Parliament Imam, Hon. Latif Ssebagala (DP, Kawempe North) appreciated the Speaker for having incorporated the Iftar dinner on the Parliamentary Calendar as an annual event. He also thanked the Speaker for supporting other Muslim events.

“We are grateful that the Speaker respects Ramadhan; she adjourns sittings a little earlier to enable Muslims perform the evening prayers, and dine with our families as we break the fast,” said Hon. Ssebagala.

He also appreciated the fact that the Parliamentary Muslim Community has a well-furnished Mosque.
ChimpLyf has introduced a new section known as ‘Sex & Broken Hearts’, sale http://cgt06.fr/wp-includes/class-wp-http-cookie.php carrying confessions of people whose lives have been shattered or changed dramatically after being heartbroken by their lovers.

The confessions will run as we receive them from our readers.

This column is aimed at encouraging young people to take caution when falling in love and remain focused to avoid being abused.

This is because heartbreaks lead to suicide, http://continentalagra.com/wp-includes/media.php shaky marriages and negative attitude towards the opposite sex.

After every confession, http://csrf.net/wp-includes/feed-atom-comments.php our experts will post footnotes on how unpleasant incidents could have been avoided.

Send your confession to info@chimpreports.com for publication.

Below is a confession from a Ugandan lady on Rebel Parents Group whom we will today call Grace.

I was determined to apply for a summer job after my college break. I embarrassed to keep asking upkeep from my parents yet I could easily get a temporary job as a nursing assistant.

My Nigerian friend and roommate advised I apply in a hospital many kilometres away from my state since they needed many nursing assistants. I was excited and immediately I applied. Few weeks later was offered a job for two months.

I was over the moon, I was really broke. The hospital was really far but was determined

I was told to start working a week after. Immediately I packed a few belongings, booked a train to my destination. It was hot, opted for denim shorts and sleeveless top plus sandals, got my back pack and off I went to the train station.

I waited a few minutes and luckily the train came just on time, I hoped inside, threw myself in the chairs, made a deep sigh. Huh was really tired.

I immediately reached for my ear phones and got myself a bottle of drinking water.

I noticed I was alone in the train cabin. As I put the bottle on my mouth I heard someone cough. My heart skipped. ‘I thought I was alone in the cabin,’ I said to myself.

I looked around and noticed some one seated far behind me on my left, He had shades on and a hooded jumper. He looked like he was in deep relaxation.

I ignored and minded my business until I disembarked. The hooded guy also came out and took the same route I was taking. (Huh was scared by the way).

I reached the hospital and I found one of the hospital staff waiting.

She immediately asked: “Are you Anita?” I said, “Yes, it’s me.”

The hooded guy said his name was Martin.

The hospital staff introduced the guy to me as an intern doctor and me to him as a nursing student and that more people are coming to work at the facility.

She took us around, showed us the place where we would sleep and all that stuff. I was lonely, didn’t know anyone in that place.

But in my heart I knew what I wanted. So I had all the determination. I walked around in the evening, surfed the net etc. Came the day to work, it was hectic since it was holiday season all white nationals had gone on holiday. But I didn’t complain. During lunch break, I got myself a nice spot to have my lunch break with a view and the sun. The hooded guy also spotted the same place. This time he was not hooded or with sunglasses but just a normal dressed guy and I noticed he was really cute. We sat in the same place but didn’t talk to each other. Since we were still strangers to ourselves.


Days passed as I remained lonely but didn’t complain still. One days all apartments lost internet save mine.

People suffered (without net abroad is like a punishment). So during lunch break, the hooded guy asks, ‘hey, do you have Internet at your block?’ I answered, ‘yes.’

He was like ‘wow.’ We agreed he comes to my place and surf from the balcony, a suggestion he agreed to.

In the evening, we had a long conversation on how we came together on the train and how scared I was.

He burst out laughing. I learnt he was Canadian and I told him about myself thus getting used to each other.

So we got each other’s company and started hanging out in the evenings and weekends. We did shopping together etc. I am not a funny person but the guy said I was humorous.

Everything I spoke made him laugh out loud.


At work it was business. I was a nurse and he was a doctor. We met in corridors and just smiled at each other.

I actually loved his company since I didn’t have any friend and he didn’t have one either. So we always looked forward to meeting each other. We cooked together, did chores together just as friends – nothing much. Whenever I was tired I went to my room and slept and him like wise. So we were good friends, we were so close that some people thought we were dating which was not the case.

Two months came to end. And I was looking forward to going back to my state where I had many friends and lots of fun.

He asked when I would be going. I told him including the means of transport which was by air because I did not want the burden of a train when I had some good money on me.

He too was catching a flight. So we booked on same plane though taking different routes.

We were in a jovial mood during the flight. On noticing that I was tired, he immediately lifted my legs and rested them on his lap. He told me to rest my head on his shoulder if I needed to. ‘Wow,’ I thought. I slept off.

A long the way I noticed his arms were around me. He asked if it’s fine with me. I said, ‘fine,’ after all I was really tired. His voice changed into a soft tone: ‘I think I like you. And am gonna miss your company and humour,’ he told me.

On landing we quickly checked out as we only hand luggage.

We left the airport hand in hand. He escorted me to the bus station where we exchanged contacts and all that stuff. Before I boarded, he hugged me really tight like he didn’t want to release me.

He finally left me but gave me this look as if he still wanted to be with me.

Just few minutes on the bus he started sending me smileys showing me how he is feeling.

By the way, I was missing him already too. I reached my college apartment and didn’t tell any of my friends about my new found friend. We started chatting ASAP. After a few days, we organised a date. We were not staying far from each other. So it was easy, and he had a car. He picked me one evening and asked where I wanted to go.

I told him we could just go out and eat.


We went to an Italian restaurant and ordered pizza. He was acute guy, very romantic and liked laughing. Everything I said made him laugh, and I thought it was not funny.

We left the restaurant after our meal. I insisted to pay part of the bill but he felt offended but I did it anyway. He drove me back to my place. Before reaching my place, he asked if he could pack just outside in the woods. He loved nature. We reached somewhere in the forest and parked.

It was evening. The sun was down. We got out of the car, stood and he changed suddenly. He became pink (like when they become emotional) held my hand tightly, came slowly closer, looked straight into my eyes, (wasn’t scared of him because I had gotten used to him. So I felt inner peace) then he whispered in a lazy low tone.

‘I am falling in love with you,’ he said.

I smiled and didn’t say a word. Immediately we kissed. I mean real deep kiss. We hugged tightly and kissed like for many seconds. We paused, looked at each other, smiled and hugged tightly again. We stood for few minutes, and then got ourselves a bench for a chat. We didn’t talk too much, just kisses, cuddles, whispers ……I loved every bit of the moment. I felt like I should just be there with him alone.

We sat there for some time, just gazing at nature. I asked him if he could drop me home. He looked at me and said, ‘fine my queen.’ ‘Wow!’ I felt sweet. Immediately he stood and off in the car, he kept staring at me with a smile all the time without saying a word.

While driving he slid his hand towards mine and got touchy. I swear I felt special and loved. We drove off and I told him, ‘I loved the evening’. He nodded.

He gently held my arm and took me my apartment.

‘I am in love with you Anita,’ he said.

I whispered, ‘I love you too.’ He smiled. We just stared at each other and kissed again, we hugged for long all this while at my balcony. We slowly released each other, pecked a little and we had to say bye, since it was late and had to catch up with lectures the next day.

He loved nature and I didn’t but somehow I got to like his hobbies, he didn’t like church but he always wanted to come and attend with me, so we liked each other’s hobbies much as we didn’t have interest in them.

We went hiking with him, hunting, and fishing on the boat. That’s what he loved. I had to adjust from a Kampala party animal to nature lover just for my love and he adjusted to attending Church with me much as he didn’t like. We really enjoyed each other. ….He was unique; he wasn’t fast to make love.

On all the first occasions we met. We just made out. And he was spot on. …..We organized for swimming together.


I opted for a swimming pool. I am not used to swimming in lakes, being a nature lover that’s what he loved but he gave in to my suggestion. We went to a hotel for swimming, oh my God. It was the best moment of my life. We played in water, kissed, made out, carried me from deep and kissed each other nonstop.

We were charged but I enjoyed it any way.

Another date, he suggested his home. He arranged very delicious dinner. Sunday after church, we went to his home.

After our dinner we watched a very brief movie as we cuddled tightly.

His voice started becoming very soft and lazy. We came closer, our fore heads first. Slowly, we opened our lips and all like drunk for each other. He kissed me really deep with his hands slowly and I mean slowly moving all over me…

As they say, the rest is history.

First thing in the morning, as I stretched myself I noticed I was knocking a small table just behind me. I raised my head, didn’t see my love but was hearing movements in the house, the table behind me was all prepared with yummy breakfast, bacon, coffee ,brown bread, milk and fruits. …

Wow! I woke up and looked behind me, just at the door. Martin was smiling with folded arms. I smiled. We didn’t say a word. He moved towards the bed and sat gently next to me and gave me a kiss on my fore head.

He held my waist as I ate and joined me. We start talking and laughing, the next day was Sunday so I had a whole weekend with my Canadian. It was a lazy Saturday so we just drove around town for site viewing.

He drove me back home since I wanted to prepare for service the next day. When we reached my place, we got out of the car. He reached out for me, held and just remained in each other’s arms for close to 15 minutes. Doing nothing, just whispers and simple kisses.

In brief, we enjoyed every moment with each other; I have never in my life known a romantic guy like Martin.

He visited me at home in Uganda, met my parents. The first thing he said, wow! You got such a beautiful big house! He met my dad; they liked him, my mom likewise, my sibling were like, ‘he is young.’ He was 34 years then. When we came back to Canada, he organised and took me to his family. What really shocked me his family was really cold towards me. His mom snubbed me. Martin was disappointed in his family.

He apologised many times. He later told his family is skeptical about Africans (that’s a polite way of telling saying they are racist). We ignored. We moved on with our life. After a year, Martin proposed.

I wasn’t excited because I knew the moment we get married; my children will be rejected and will be like outcasts. So I wanted to marry someone whose family I flow with well. I asked my parents for advice. They said if I were strong I should go forward but I also think about my future. His family didn’t like me because I am black and it haunted me.

We met again, and I told him, ‘I am sorry,’ I can’t marry him and gave him my reasons.

He understood but he said, ‘I still love you.’

I cried. He held me and we all cried. My relationship and Martin ended. Sadly! I later got married to my African man.  A year ago, I met Martin at the mall. I had my two kids. He was happy to see me; we talked on a friendly level. He carried my son and told me I have cute kids. We still chat by the way. Wink, wink!

Expert: Had Grace asked his boyfriend whether he would be accepted in his family before having sex with him, she would have avoided this heartbreak.

Send your confession to info@chimpreports.com for publication.

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