Sex Books Found at Green Hill Buwaate Written by Rogue Author

Highly sexualized content found in the library of the prestigious Green Hill Academy in Buwaate, treat http://clearintotheclassroom.com/wp-includes/default-constants.php Wakiso District was authored by a rogue author known as Jacqueline Wilson, store http://datedgear.com/wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder/shortcodes/fusion-layer-slider.php Chimp Corps report.

The books impounded last week by Ethics and Integrity Minister, clinic Fr Simon Lokodo shocked the nation as they contained sex material for adults.

These include Kiss, Girls in Love, Love Lessons and many more authored by Wilson.

Parliament has since taken up the matter by summoning the school’s administration to explain how such books found their way in the library.

While the school has apologised for stocking such material for kids, the incident has raised fears that such books could be found in several education facilities in the country.

Research conducted by ChimpReports shows that British author; Jacqueline Wilson’s works have been widely condemned by scholars and readers in Europe for robbing children of their innocence.

Wilson’s books feature five-year-olds being physically abused, 14-year-olds having affairs with their teachers, and mothers leaving their babies in dustbins

Winifred Robinson, a reputed London-based author said Wilson’s books have led kids to wrestle with questions that should not vex them at a young age including the stability of their parents’ marriage.


She further argues that Wilson’s children’s books may have played their part by offering young minds a window on a world too complex and sophisticated for them to understand.

Robinson said in a widely-publicized article that Wilson’s books open the door to experiences from which they should be protected for as long as possible – precisely so that childhood innocence can be preserved rather than overshadowed by too much sophisticated knowledge, presented too early and little understood.

“They explore, though, the truths of the adult world. I can enjoy and appreciate them. As it is, I have found they have warped my child’s emotional equilibrium and his sleep as surely as Tracy Beaker has damaged his manners,” she observed.

The most controversial book found at the Green Hill Academy is ‘Love Lessons’ in which a 14-year-old Prudence becomes close to her married school teacher Mr Raxberry – whom she calls Rax.


Mr Raxberry said: “Will you stop this? I’m your school teacher. We could both get into such huge trouble. I feel so guilty which is mad, because nothing’s actually happened.”

“It has now,” I said, and I reached over and kissed him on the lips. I’d never kissed anyone properly before but I’d practised it on the inside of my arm. It was a timid, dry-lipped kiss – but it was a real kiss all the same.

“For God’s sake!” Rax said, trying to pull away. I kissed him again, sliding my arms round his neck and holding him tight so that he couldn’t pull away from me.

After a few seconds he stopped trying. He kissed me back, deeply and passionately. I just wanted to freeze time and stay inside the car, kissing Rax for ever.

This book is aimed at 13-year-olds.

Robinson said children need no literary introduction to the realities of modern life.

Opens Heart

The controversial author has since defended her literary works, saying, “I like to write about sad situations but I do feel if you have unrelenting misery it is too depressing for everybody.”

Speaking at a conference in U.K. in 2008, Wilson added: “The way of dealing with hard time is developing a sense of humour and learning to get fun out of life no matter what your situation.”

The school rector Joy Maraka has since issued a formal apology to parents, saying an incident would not reoccur at school.

Minister Lokodo said he stormed Greenhill Academy whose administrators confessed that in their library they had copies of a book titled ‘Love Lessons’ in their library.

“My team was able to confiscate copies found in the shelves. We are trying to trace where the book came from and who is the supplier and we will take action. However the supplier of the book remains unknown,” he said.

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