SEMWANGA SAGA: Burying Money isn’t a crime—Bank of Uganda

Bank of Uganda has defended itself on allegations that they failed to take disciplinary measures against Rich gang members who buried legal tender with their colleague Ivan Semwanga.

In a defense filed before the civil division of High Court, the Bank’s legal department says the actions of the Rich Gang are not criminalized in the penal code act.

The legal department also maintains that the penal code act only criminalizes the melting down, breaking, defacing or using for other purposes, the legal tender.

In the defense, the bank says they executed the duty to protect the legal tender by making proposals to the concerned Authorities that the Bank of Uganda Act be amended.

In the proposed amendment, the bank intends to include a clause which also criminalizes the misuse of currency notes.

It should be remembered that shortly after Semwanga’s burial, on the June 2 2017, the Bank issued a public statement cautioning against the use of currency notes other than the purposes intended.

In that regard, the Bank asked court for clearance of any wrong doing and dismiss the case.

The case, it shall be remembered, was filed by a concerned citizen Robert Ssenfuka accusing Bank of Uganda of neglecting their legal mandate.


The High Court on June 5, 2017 summoned  Bank of Uganda  and the Attorney General to file written defense statements explaining why they never restrained the Rich gang from burying Ivan Semwanga with money.

In his civil suit, Robert Senfuka , asked that the body of Ivan Semwanga be exhumed to establish the actual amount of money in his grave.

The case is set to be heard by Justice Stephen Musota on a date yet to be fixed.


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