SELL YOUR BRAND: Advertise for Shs 5,000 Per Day on ChimpReports

Uganda’s most authoritative and news-breaking website, treatment ChimpReports, page is practically giving away ad space to liberalise the country’s advertisement industry and empower millions of small local companies with high-impact advertising solutions to market their services and products to over 10 million active internet users in Uganda.

In presentations to potential advertisers, ChimpReports’ Marketing Department says it will allow SMEs to advertise for as low as Shs 5,000 per day on the prestigious website.

Many of our potential clients have in recent months urged the website to not only target high-end clients paying for premium space but also young businesses.

They argued that our model literally kept away low-income earners and small growing businesses with potential to rise and shine.

ChimpReports now empowers SMES to market their services to over 10 million active internet users in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Eastern Congo,” said the news outlet’s Marketing Manager, Leonard Asiimwe.

“Never ever should our people struggling to obtain publicity for their services suffer any more. The medicine for low sales and lack of visibility is buying ad space on ChimpReports,” he emphasised.

ChimpReports has staked its future on being an authoritative, clarifying, investigative and vital destination of the middle class readership, attracting over one million educated and influential readers per month.

This massive readership has for long been a target of top companies such as telecoms, manufacturers, oil companies, private education institutions among others.


But this situation is being reversed as the website now provides considerable space for small businesses with minimal income for ads.


By widening the advertisement revenue base, ChimpReports intends to deepen its long longtime values – precisely investigative journalism excellence.

The site is being modeled along the lines of New York Times to provide original, time-consuming, boots-on-the-ground reporting that Uganda and the region needs.

The site is unrivalled in its investment in original and investigative journalism, with dozens of journalists spread across Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and DRC.

With journalists who can code, the newsroom continues to intensify training and recruitment of the smartest brains from leading universities in the region.

Our marketing manager said real estate brokers can easily buy space to provide publicity for their properties among ChimpReports’ 1-million-man readership (business class, diplomats, government officials, policy makers, educationists, researchers and corporate institutions etc).

Other entities expected to benefit from the new and affordable post-paid ad rates include supermarkets, groceries, bakeries, tourism agencies, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, medical facilities, government institutions, private universities, logistic companies, car depots among others.

“You don’t have to place an ad for an entire month. All you need is to ask ChimpReports to target a specific audience (age, location and level of education) and also determine time for your ad,” said Asiimwe, adding, “The expanded marketing department now relies on accurate data to push customer-tailored ads for launch new product or service, drive traffic and build brand awareness.”

The site will further provide live social media coverage to its clients through its social media handles on Facebook and Twitter.

Clients who wish to pay for impressions (the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page) will take the CPM-Cost per 1,000 impressions rate.

ChimpReports will also invest heavily in promotion of story links to give clients value for money and also expand the readership base.

Contact: 0755760842

Below are the new advertising rates for premium and local ads


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