Sell the Cows, Educate Your Children – Kiruhura Residents Advised

Residents in the cattle rearing district of Kiruhura in western Uganda, have been urged to sell off their herds of cattle and raise money to put their children through school.

The advice came from the district’s deputy LC5 chairman Francis Tumugira, who noted concernedly that people in the district continue to pride themselves in their herds of cattle while the district remains one of the most illiterate.

Tamugira said it was unfortunate that sons and daughters of wealthy residents in Kiruhura grow up tending to their parents’ cattle, and vending milk when they should be in school.

“This is a failure,” he said. “You have to stop boasting of your cattle. Sell them and educate your children. Education is the only wealth a parent can give to his or her child.”

Amid the vast wealth of animals and rich soils of Kiruhura, Tamugira wondered how the district still remains unhealthy, remote, illiterate and underdeveloped.

“In PLE you find that the whole of Kiruhura district has the same number of Division One candidates as one school in Kashari or Mbarara,” he added.

The chairman also urged locals to try to process tittles for their land where they keep their animals.

He was on Friday speaking at a sensitization meeting of people in Kijuma, Kazo on the use of biogas.



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