Self Employment: Morys’ Journey from a High School Dropout to One of Kampala’s Top Nail Technicians

For the ladies, and a few gentlemen, nail dos are an important part of their self care routine and visiting a nail salon is part of their weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

While you enjoy the pampering services courtesy of the nail salon staff, have you ever considered taking on this particular job, or venture into the business? Considering the amount of money spent per session, its a no-brainer that this is a lucrative business especially in the urban and semi urban areas.

We meet up with Morys Kayondo, CEO of Nail Villa and he shared his story on how he started doing nails for a living.

Mr. Morys, tell us about yourself and how you got into this nail business

My name is Morys Kayondo, I am 28 years old and currently the CEO of Nail Villa.

I used to stay on the street and since I had dropped out of high school, I used to do small jobs like moving with a weighing scale and weighing people for a few shillings.

I used to see my friends doing peoples’ nails and they were making more money than I was. So, I got capital of Shs 50,000, went downtown, bought some nail equipment and that is how my journey started.

Why nails and not anything else and how challenging was it for you to start the business?


I have always had a passion for art so it was easy for me to do nails because it is art.

Many people undermined me because in the beginning I was a learner. At first, I would only do pedicures and they customers would go and do their manicures elsewhere.

My family also did not support me because they were biased about this whole business setup.

The nail technician with a client.

Okay, fast-forward, how did you go from being the guy doing nails on the street to being a CEO of a nail parlour?

Well, despite the challenges, I did not stop doing what I loved. I fell in love with doing nails and I also continued searching online to see how I could better myself.

I was able to go to Glam Creative beauty school in Russia to learn more about the business. I was actually the first male from Africa to be enrolled in the school.

So with all the knowledge I gained, I opened Nail Villa 3 years ago and I now employ 8 people.

What have been your highlights and which known people have you worked on so far?

I have worked on so many prominent people from business moguls, celebrities to MPs among others.

I have worked on Zari the Boss lady, Vinka, Spice Diana, Sheebah, Anita Fabiola, Mwaj Ahmed, Etania, Winnie Nwagi, Betinah, Sheila Gashumba, Nina Roz among so many others.

I cannot list them all. I have gained so many connections in this business

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I want to grow my business from one branch to multiple branches even out of Kampala so that I can also employ other people and give them an opportunity to grow and become like me, especially if they have a passion for art.

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