Sejusa Aides’ Case Drags On

A section of the Royal Babiito Clan members have denounced King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV as King of Tooro.

They are led by Prince Switzer Kaijamurubi Araali son of the late King Kyebambe Kasagama, drug Christopher Karamagi and Mr. William Kagoro Araali sons of late Kesi Bahindi Kagoro former Musuga and brother to Sir George Rukidi.

These pronounced over the weekend that King Oyo was no longer their King and are now paying allegiance to King David G.Kiijanangoma as their cultural leader.

This was contained in a petition to be presented to the president showing their dissatisfaction over Oyo.

Reading the petition to the media on Saturday at Rwengoma Palace West division, decease Fort Portal Municipality, buy Musuga Dan Robombora and Christopher Karamagi on behalf of Babiito community said that during a meeting held on Saturday 25th April, over 200 Babiito clan members resolved to denounce King Oyo.

“We observed that there has been a general trend of eroding of our cultural values in the last twenty years of King Oyo Kabamba Iguru’s reign,” he said.

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Nyamutale Stephen chairperson Executive Committee Clans Council at Kenneth Inn in Fort portal town.

They accused the King of abusing constitutional rights of bona fide and lawful occupants on Kingdom land by unlawfully evicting them without court order and compensation.


“King Oyo at the age of 23 has continued to be very disrespectful to his relatives and the subjects of Tooro”.

The Babiito said that measures and efforts were taken to streamline the institution when they called for a reconciliation meeting with King Oyo but all in vain

They said, “We resolved that King Oyo ceases to be recognised as our King and shifted our allegiances to King David George Kiijanangoma as our cultural leader. We have moved a vote of no confidence support in King Oyo and we entirely disown him”.

In the petition, the Babiito also denounced Musuga Charles Murokole Kamurasi as head of Babiito clan Tooro Kingdom.

“He is customarily illegitimate as Omusuga of Babiito clan because he has conflict of interest in matters to do with the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa. He is married to her sister and everything he does, is in favor of her”.

Mr. Stephen Nyamutale, Chairperson Tooro Kingdom Clans Council while receiving the Petition on Saturday said he would document all the resolutions and bring other elders in Tooro on board so as to maintain peace.

In mid-February this year, Prince David Kijanangoma; cousin to King Oyo announced that he would oust him accusing him of overstaying in Kampala, wearing sunglasses while addressing the people, failure to stop the Queen mother from involving in palace affairs and selling the kingdom land.

Our Reporter

Tooro’s  King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguuru Rukidi IV is expected back in his kingdom on Thursday evening amidst heightened tension to oust him over his overstay in Kampala.

According to Mugume Vincent, medications the deputy information minister Tooro kingdom, King Oyo is expected to be given a Hero’s welcome as he returns to the Palace this evening.

He said, “A convoy of bodaboda riders and mobilized subjects will convene at Kaswa trading center in Busoro Sub County along the Fort Portal Kampala road to welcome the king”.

But a source told our reporter that the Queen mother Best Kemigisa is reported to have handed money to some of Amacumu members [A kingdom cultural youth pressure group] up to Shs 4 million and to the bodaboda riders to give King Oyo a hero’s welcome.

The source also revealed that the money was on Tuesday night dished out by the security minister Christopher Kaijabwango, Vincent Mugume and deputy premier Harriet Nyakake.

The boda boda riders were given Shs 20,000 each for fuel to welcome King Oyo while chanting our King “Oyo Obeho.”

This comes after a meeting between elders off Tooro and King Oyo held in Kampala on Monday to discuss the recent developments in Tooro among them overstaying in Kampala and threats to over throw him by his cousin Prince David Kijanangoma.

In a six hour heated meeting, King Oyo defended himself against that allegations of abdicating the kingdom and assured the royal family that that he was still in charge of the monarchy.

When tasked to explain about his overstay in Kampala, King Oyo said that he was busy lobbying for the investment opportunities and bursaries for his subjects, a source that attended the meeting on condition of anonymity said.

The elders also asked him to mention at least three projects he has set for the subjects but declined to name any.

They reportedly told him that his cousin prince David Kijanangoma had threatened to overthrow him should he fail to respond to the concerns of Tooro people but king Oyo said he was not frightened.

Meanwhile, tension is high in Fort Portal as king Oyo returns on Thursday evening. Prince Kijanangoma has already booked airtime on some radio stations to mobilize people and talk about king Oyo’s weaknesses.

By Our reporter

Tooro Kingdom palace is reported to have been invaded by strange people, stuff according to the Monarchy’s Amacumu ritual performers.

The unknown people this groups claims, invaded the palace while King Oyo is way at his residence in Kampala.

According to Nyaika Milton Kabagambe, head of the cultural Amacumu Chapter Tooro Kingdom, strange people invaded the kingdom and are living in Omukama’s palace.

“These unknown people living in the palace are likely to cause problems to our Kingdom. A palace is a royal place for rituals and no one is supported to stay there,” Nyaika said.

He said, “The cultural rituals are no longer performed because the king is away and women who include the Queen Mother and deputy Premier Harriet Nyakake are always in the palace. Women are not supposed to go in the palace unless on the king’s invitation”.

Nyaika made this revelation to the press during the Executive meeting of Amacumu N’ebitara (spears&swords) held in their office at Mucwa Kingdom chambers in Fort Portal town.

He said that according to Tooro Kingdom culture, there are clans that are not supposed to step in the palace and that the presence of Premier Harriet Nyakake and Queen mother Best Kemigisa in the palace has affected kingdom activities.

Nyaika called on the people of Tooro to join them in the struggle to remove the “strange people” from the palace and also pull King Oyo back from Kampala where he currently resides.

Bob Mugume, the spokesperson for Amacumu said they were giving a two weeks ultimatum to King Oyo to return to his kingdom or they would camp at the palace for 9 days protesting his overstay in Kampala.

He said during the camping time, they would perform rituals and blow trumpets, something that has cultural implications to the Kingdom.

Edward Kasaija the chairman of Amacuumu said they would remain focused on development of Tooro kingdom. He also refuted allegations that they were a radical group formed to fight government and kingdom.

Last week, a section of Amacumu held a press conference at Fort View Hotel and condemned the overstaying of King Oyo in Kampala saying that this has greatly affected the development of the kingdom.
Makindye Court martial has adjourned the hearing for the bail application for six of General Sejusa’s aides accused of engaging in subversive activities on behalf of the former spymaster.

The accused through their Lawyer Ladislus Rwakafuuzi today presented to court a formal bail application as advised in the last sitting, for sale as opposed to the Oral application which earlier made to this court by Counsel Ladislaus Rwakafuzi.

The case was adjourned after sureties for the accused failed to show up.

Rwakafuzi had filed the bail application for only three of the six, cheap who are civilians that is, this web Nayebare Frank, Nuwagaba Moses and Twinamasiko Abel on grounds that defense had partial sureties who could not stand for all the six at once.

Court Martial Chairman Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga adjourned the case up to 21st January for bail and further hearing.

Rwakafuzi is beseeching the state to drop the charges against his clients because the person they are said to be linked to [Sejusa] is a free man now and they should also be set free.


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