Sejusa Accuses Museveni of Defiling the UPDF

Justice Paul Mugamba of the Kampala High Court has sentenced six former MTN workers to 9 years in prison each, visit this for their hand in defrauding the telecom company of Shs 3.1 billion.

The convicts were sentenced after being convicted for six counts of theft and conspiracy to committee a felony, rx electronic fraud and unauthorized access to computer data.

While passing the sentence, viagra approved Justice Mugamba said the convicts wouldn’t be left out of cells as they had requested since cyber-crimes are becoming rampant of the late.

Convists await Justice Mugamba's sentence
Convists await Justice Mugamba’s sentence

Justice Mugamba said that in issuing the sentence, he has put into consideration that the convicts had no criminal record and that they behaved well during all the court proceedings.

He also considered the over two years that the convicts had spent on remand in Luzira prison hence handing them a lighter sentence.

He noted that the money that was confiscated and presented before court as exhibits should be returned to the complainant which is MTN-Uganda.

A tune of Shs 2,700,000,000 billion was recovered from the suspects during investigations and was presented before court as exhibits.

Court however didn’t order the convicts to compensate MTN of the Shs 450m that was not recovered.


The High Court judge concluded that six of the nine in the second case were found liable according to the evidence adduced since the case was opened back in January 2013.

Those that have today been sentenced include; Joseph Joshua Magombe a MTN mobile money agent, Daniel Ssegujja a sales representative, and Irene Kauma a sales executive for Essy Mobile Money.

The others are Edrisa Sserunkuma of Kawempe a city suburb, Henry Matovu a self-employed businessman of Seguku and Peter Ayebale a cleaner.
President Yoweri Museveni has come under attack from his former spymaster Gen. David Sejusa for deploying the UPDF into the NAADs program, about it something he termed as ‘defiling the national army.’

Gen Sejusa this afternoon questioned the reasoning behind handing billions of cash to the men in uniform  to go manage the country’s agriculture, tadalafil saying that it was not only misleading, what is ed but also against the very foundations of any national army.

“[Museveni] has defiled the UPDF by engaging it in the NAADS program. Worldwide the army is like the 10 commandments, which you cannot afford to defy because the country depends on it,” he said on Tuesday while addressing journalists at the PPP headquarters in Kampala.

“How do you start dishing out money to officers that they should go buy and distribute seeds to the people?”

The former spymaster added,” The foundation of the army is that they should never be tempted like the president did. In fact what Museveni did was destroying the UPDF foundation.”

President Yoweri Museveni says he decided to entrust the national army with Uganda’s agricultural transformation program, having seen their success in implementing a smaller ex-service men agricultural initiative in the Luwero triangle.

The nationwide Operation Wealth Creation is now being coordinated by President Museveni‘s brother Gen Salim Saleh.

While Museveni believes this will be more effective and less costly many critics including former FDC President Col Kizza Besigye hold that he is only militarizing agriculture across the country for his political benefit.

According to Gen Sejusa, it was a grave mistake by the president to send the army officers out in the villages and start distribution of seeds which he said was tantamount to abuse of the national institution.

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